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Is Iron Snout Worth Your Time?



What Should I Play it On?

I’ve played it on my iPad, PC and Mac. I feel that the controls are perfect on the PC but not good enough on the iPad. I recommend playing Iron Snout on your PC or Mac. Both run flawlessly.


Why it Works and How it Plays:

Iron Snout is a fun endless high score game that is fast fun and addictive.

Iron Snout GameplayOnce again I found myself ignoring a gem because of the way it looks. I remember when Iron Snout was trying to get approved on Steam Greenlight. A bunch of my developer friends on Twitter were pushing for it’s approval and it caught my attention. So I checked out Iron Snout’s Greenlight page and it honestly looked pretty bad. The art didn’t do it for me and the game looked impossible. Way too many things were attacking you at once. There is no way I thought it would be playable or fun. I thought Iron Snout was going to be another badly designed endless high score game that would brand its broken gameplay as challenging or hardcore. Mind you, this is after playing through a poop ton of horrible endless high score games on my iPad already, so when I came across Iron Snout I was beyond jaded.

I was wrong. I was an idiot. I should have given Iron Snout a chance way sooner.

Iron Snout Gameplay 2Iron Snout, much like Cave Blast, is a deceptively simple yet amazing endless high score game. It looks overwhelming at first glance. It looks like one of those impossible games where you are lucky to score over 10.  Well it is not beatable by any means. You will always die here. But I was able to get over 100 a few times already. Once again developer Aurimas Garuolis, or Aur if you follow him on Twitter, has created another endless high score game that feels fun fresh and addictive.

Iron Snout has you controlling a lone pig who faces an endless onslaught of various enemy wolves out for his bacon. To manage this overwhelming endless barrage of enemies Aur created a flawless and brilliant control scheme that allows the player to quickly react to the endless onslaught – the four directional buttons. That’s it. That is all you need in this game and it works brilliantly. Surviving the waves of enemies actually requires player skill and fast reflexes. The game is what most endless, high score ,twitch based games aspire to be. It’s gotten so bad I honestly didn’t think anyone could really pull it off anymore… and then Iron Snout came along. It’s what amazing flash games used to be. It’s what most games on the various app stores should be.

The graphics for this once again look like a GameSalad or Spriter game with forgettable stock assets.  Yet (once again), it’s so much more than that. I found myself loving the art style. The little touches of heads falling off or getting that one awesome in-air enemy reflection shot that impales an enemy wolf wow me.

Iron Snout’s gameplay has no progression outside of players learning what works. Part of me wishes there were some sort of unlockable outfits or upgrades, but it’s not really needed. Everything in Iron Snout is so tight it’s pretty much perfect.

Iron Snout Two player

There is even a two player mini game included in the PC/Mac version where you and a friend play against each other using your keyboard to punch/kick a volley and soccer ball. It’s really, really fun. I’ve played several games already with Jasmine and we both get a huge kick out of it every time. Sadly the iPad version doesn’t work for me. The controls are no where near as responsive. After first playing it on my Mac and then PC, gamplay on the iPad just feels subpar. I think swiping in all directions would have worked better than the taps, but then again if you are desperate for some high score fun it still works well enough.

Now to the craziest thing about Iron Snout:

It’s totally free!

I guess Aur had the brilliant idea to release quality games for nothing while building a rabid fan base. Well it’s working. It was a genius idea to release his first game on Steam totally free. I really hope this helps him build good will and fans to help support future paid games. Anyway I’m sure you can tell I wholeheartedly recommend Iron Snout. It’s a fast-paced game that’s great for short breaks in between work, or sitting down for a serious stretch trying to beat your high score.

Iron Snout High Score



Basic Info:

  • Free
  • 12.8 MB






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