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Is Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae Worth Your Time?

No. Not unless you don’t mind broken controls and repetitive game play.



How it Plays:

Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae action shotMitsurugi Kamui Hikae reminded me of Ninja Gaiden on the original X-Box. Something about the way the characters look and attack brought back good memories, even the cheap stuff. The game has a lot of style. At times it shines and makes me want to love it. Unfortunately, that’s as far as this comparison goes. Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae is just not very good.

First off lets talk about the camera. Players have some control over it but not enough. Sure you can move it around, but it is way too close to the player, which means most of the action is off screen. You can’t even choose who to focus. You can only charge at a specific enemy. Even then the camera often betrays you when you need it and you’ll find yourself randomly attacking other enemies. This sucks when you are fighting large groups of cheap enemies and want to put distance between you and them.

Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae gameplay 2If that isn’t game breaking enough the next problem certainly is. Enemies can still move as they pull off gigantic attacks until the very last frames. This makes dodging mostly luck. Think about this, some attacks can take over 50 percent of your health; yet instead of standing still they just oddly rotate to follow you. It’s broken. Common mobs do the same thing occasionally. It’s maddening.

Next we have the totally broken blocking system that makes it more luck-based Holding block before the attack reaches you doesn’t block most attacks. You need to time it to the attack, but that doesn’t work most of the time either!

The gameplay gets really boring fast as you find yourself spamming the same attacks to push enemies back when fighting packs. There are a lot of moves in the game, but they are basically since you have to struggle with the camera angle in order to pull them off properly. Dealing with waves after waves of the same enemies gets boring, add to that the painful and punishing difficulty jump of the boss fights and I quickly found myself getting tired of the game. Special note of suck is the lack of real music along with hearing the same attack sounds over and over again. Unfortunately, during the boss fights you can’t mute the game in order to hear certain attack call outs.

Really bad camera here.

Really bad camera here.

The graphics are nice, but the enemies are reused way too much. Later on more and more color swapped enemies show up and just crowd around you for some fun off-screen cheap attacks. Later, you also have to deal with more unblockable enemy attacks. So it’s dodge the trash mobs, push attack one in a corner till he bleeds and move on the next and spam your heal attack.

More of the same bad guys.

More of the same bad guys.

It gets really repetitive. I know the game is cheap, but it’s like a broken early beta build. Boss fights are super duper cheap and frustrating. Most of the battles came down to sheer luck in my opinion. Will my blocks work this time? Will he keep spinning towards me as he unleashes his super attack? Will my dodges work? The boss battles in Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae could have been amazing.

With better controls and more clear attack tells these events could have been spectacular. But they feel like damage sponges thanks to the pathetic amount of damage they take from the my attacks. Fights drag on and feel cheaper when the bosses’s randomized attacks unleash their ultimate super moves several times in a row. The randomization of attacks is the real gear grinder for me. You really can’t learn the bosses well enough to feel like there was any progression on your part as a player. Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae is a reactive game in respect to its boss fights, but with the lackluster controls it’s impossible unless you are lucky.

There is no sense of accomplishment with Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae because the game is so broken you are just glad to be done with the level. Grinding doesn’t get you as far as you hope it will because your health gets capped very quickly. Again most of the moves you can buy and upgrade are useless in battle. Sadly you can’t raise your attack strength at all so it comes down to a bit of skill and a lot of luck.I could go on and on and I sort of felt like I have, but it’s frustrating because I definitely know there is potential, but as of right now it’s not there.

Fan service

Another weird thing for me is Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae constant panty shots. I get there is an audience for that, but it went from a bit weird, to distracting later when I found myself fighting my classmate. Every time I hit her her skirt flew up. Really guys? And no, I am not attacking this girl a certain way just to get a panty shot. Every attack seems to do this to her. It’s just kinda weird.

Again, I really, wanted to like this. I spent so much time on this review because:

  1. I wanted to be sure it wasn’t me, so I played the hell out of this game. Unfortunately it felt like the controls just couldn’t keep up.
  2. I actually bought two new controllers just in case, but no. The controls just cannot keep up.

If the controls worked the way they should have, I think player skill could have helped carry the game. If I could only block in time, dealing with random and punishing enemy attacks wouldn’t feel so bad. Hell even the camera system wouldn’t drive me as crazy. Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae seems beatable. It could have been amazing. But right now I am going to just delete the game. Hopefully the developer patches it, but right now it’s wasting precious hard drive space.




Basic info:

  • Normally $9.99 for the game on Steam
  • Now $2.49 on sale on Steam
  • Available for Steam, PS4 and X-Box One




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