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Is Without Within worth your time?



Why it Fails:

Without Within feels like a half joking, first experiment with visual novels. It wouldn’t be so bad if it weren’t so bland, boring and stupid.

Without Within is a free game, but it’s a waste of time. You sit through and endure about 10 minutes of an unlikable, self deprecating, down-on-their-luck character with delusions of grandeur about being a world famous calligrapher.

Without Within is vapid.

Without Within Fail


The choices you can make are nonsensical and the good ending is just stupid. Don’t believe me? Here are some of the choices and their results:
This is your very first choice in game after waking up from a very silly dream:
Your’e exhausted and stay in bed a little while longer. What happens? Evicted from your home and fail at life. Because you slept in. If you get up the game continues.

You did everything sensibly and act like a mature adult…Bad ending.

You don’t stop to help a kid who is lost on the street because you are late to work, about to lose your job and desperately need the money to not get evicted soon. Bad ending.


Without Within Choices

You make a series of nonsensical decisions and then stay up late when you need to go to bed because of work tomorrow at a job you desperatley need. You then play a video game that you never even wanted in the first place and only bought because of…well bad writing…And then without any say in the matter, you stupidly snap at someone on the street and became YouTube Famous for being an idiot! Your’e now a laughing stock.

Without Within Good ending

That is the good ending…
It all feels forced. Again this feels like someone’s first attempt at making a visual novel on a lark. Like someone actually tried to make a stupid story for the sake of making a stupid story while testing out the visual novel program.Yet this is on Steam…with mostly good reviews.

I don’t get it.

The character is pathetic and almost unlikable. The story is dumb. It doesn’t even feel tongue-in-cheek, if it did I could at least understand it a bit more. The art is horribly inconsistent to the point of feeling phoned in. Some panels have art to go with it, others have serviceable place holder art while others parts just feel like the creator gave up and just threw whatever in. The music is at least pretty nice. When it’s all said and done, Without Within is still a free and very brief experience. That said I have found other free visual novels on Steam and on the internet in general that are far better.


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