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Is Last Fight Worth Your Time?

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What Should You Play it On?

I’ve only played the Steam PC version with an X-Box controller.


How it Plays and Why it Works:

Last fight is a button mashing beat-em up and party game rolled into one. Think, the bastard baby of Streets of Rage and Power Stone.

I miss classic beat em up games. You know, the really simple ones where you shut off your brain, just mash buttons and maybe figure out some light strategy. Somewhere along the way games just got a lot more complex. There is something to be said for simple beat em ups that are fun to play through alone and even better with and against friends. Last Fight is one of those games.


First and foremost we need to talk about the mind mindbogglingly beautiful art design. These are some sexy graphics and stages. You can tell the developers put a lot of attention to detail and love into this. The characters look amazing. The levels are great. Even the comics in between stages in the campaign are glorious.

Last Fight round one gif

So how’s the gameplay?

Well it’s all right. The single player campaign and AI fights can get boring, but they serve their roles as introductory/training experiences. The meat and potatoes of Last Fight is its multiplayer action. In that regard you will find yourself very well entertained. Besides some ridiculously busty chest sizes for the women there isn’t any objectionable content per se that would make this a bad starter fighting game for younger players. There is no blood here and the action never feels to visceral or real. Quite the opposite in fact. The action is stylish, over-the-top and kooky. Fights are fast-paced and, for the most part, very entertaining. Last Fight definitely feels better as a 2v2 party game. I wish there were more gameplay options and modes. As is it feels a little spartan and not in the good way.

Last Fight Comics gif1Some might consider Last Fight a shallow game. You don’t really have special attacks. You don’t have an energy meter that builds up and allows you to chain attacks and unleash stronger power attacks. You can pick up various weapons throughout the stages. There is a sort of super power up if you collect all of its pieces. Now that super power up is just that, SUPER. if you get all three parts your character will transform into am insanely powerful monster. So the tension is constantly there to collect all the pieces yourself and stop the opposing players/AI from getting them.

If you are looking into Last Fight as a single player who just wants a fun beat-em up with replayability, then you are out of luck. The single player campaign is very short and can be completed in under an hour. The AI can be extremely frustrating because it’s glitched or incredibly cheap. It’s beatable, but sometimes the AI seems tougher than others when it is just standing still waiting for sweet, sweet death.

I wish there were a few filler stages with minions to beat up before getting to the next main enemy. I feel like this would have been great to get back to the beat em up roots Last Fight seems to draw inspiration from. As is you just go from character to character with some brief plot points told via comics.

Another downside to the campaign is it only has two playable characters who share the same story. I was very let down when I discovered that especially considering the diverse cast. To make matters worse the campaign is single player only. Sure it is hilarious your buddy always has a reason as to why he couldn’t help you in the fight, but this game screams co-op beat em up. Having that absent from the game makes no sense to me at all. Worst of all, there’s no online mode so you can’t even play against others unless you have friends over.

If you are looking into Last Fight as a multiplayer beat-em up/party game then you will do a bit better. But there are still a lot of problems. Last Fight only has ten playable characters and 8 stages. Some of the stages have environmental hazards. Honestly I think the game can do with some more stages and characters to keep things interesting. At the very least there could be more overall variety.

The stages can feel cramped after a while. I really, really wish there were larger stages in the game. The developers have been vocal on Steam letting players know more content is on the way. So there is hope.

Last Fight Comics gif

Although Last Fight is based on a comic, the story telling here is pretty bad. Something about drugs, and your girlfriend being kidnapped then randomly people want you dead and then the silly ending. It would have been great if more effort was put into making a coherent and enjoyable story. The comic panels in between the campaign stages are great, I just wish we had more of them.

Speaking of art, it’s a darn shame there is no character art page with pencils of all the characters. You just don’t make something this amazing looking and NOT give players a gallery.

Clone Last Fight Story 1

Clone Last Fight Story 2

So is Last Fight worth it’s asking price? 

If you have a bunch of friends around who are up for fun party/beat em up games then yes. Absolutely. If you are a solo player hoping for a fun experience you are out of luck. Last Fight is local co-op only and its single player experience is meager to say the least. It’s still fun, but don’t expect multiple story lines and different perspectives.

Last Fight feels like a game with infinite potential. Hopefully the developers can expand upon the initial experience through patches and updates.



A Steam game key for Last Fight was given to me for free for this review. 

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Basic Info:

  • $14.99 on Steam
  • One player campaign
  • Best as a multiplayer party game
  • Supports up to 2v2 local multiplayer
  • Full Controller Support
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Trading Cards


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