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Is Tap My Katamari Review Worth Your Time?


Sort of.


What Should You Play it On?

Tap My Katamari works fine on any device.


How it plays:

Tap My Katamari is an endless clicker game based off the smash hit Katamari Damacy. There was actually a mobile port of that game a few years ago for the iPhone 3G. I remember snatching my ex girlfriend’s phone at that time and playing it endlessly until she complained I spent more time with the game than her. I stopped playing it when she pointed that out. So yeah, it was a fun game. But that game has since been taken off the App Store for some crazy reason.  In its place we have this – a clicker.  A side scrolling 2-D clicker.

Tap My Katamari gameplay

Is it as fun as the original PS2 game or the iPhone port?


Tap My Katamari is phoned in. Sure it uses some of the art inspiration and basic mechanics. You do endlessly roll balls that get ever larger, but that’s it. Besides needing to tap your screen to move the ball, there’s nothing else to do. Over time you get additional friends to help roll and you can upgrade them, but the game lacks something. I don’t know what, but there’s no feeling of progression. Whenever I hit a wall and cannot progress I just stop playing. When I come back to the game I’ve amassed enough money to power up past your previous limit. Of course there is the option to watch an ad to double that amount.

Tap My Katamari is a freemium game dependent on ads to make some money. You could also buy currency, but early on in the game you don’t really need it. The game offers enough currency via watching ads.

Tap My Katamari isn’t a bad game, it’s just not very engaging. I think this will be great for people who want something they can relax to, see some progress and not have to feel like they need to be heavily invested in it. Tap My Katamari doesn’t force you to log on and it does’t force you to watch ads. It’s just kinda there. That isn’t a bad thing. I think a lot of players will enjoy a tapper that feels relaxed instead of a frantic OCD fest of constant progression. Unfortunately, Tap My Katamari is just not for me.


Basic info:

  • Free with ads
  • 119 MB




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