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Is Road to Ballhalla Worth Your Time?

OMG Yes!




What Should You Play it On?

PC only.


How it Plays and Why it Works:

This is a game that will challenge you. But it’s so fun you don’t even mind. It’s hard, but it’s also super fun. I found myself laughing more than I ever have while playing a puzzle game. Road to Ballhalla is an amazing experience I quickly found myself falling in love with. 

First off you need to take a second and appreciate all of the ball puns and jokes the developer Torched Hill has crammed not only into the game, but also the promotion material. It makes my inner 12 year old very happy. What is even better is the humor injected into the game. I’m going to try not to spoil much of it here for you, but the developer has a grand ol’ time screwing with the player. I found myself laughing quite a bit as I played through. It’s even fun when I go back and replay the game. It’s even more fun when you put someone you know in front of it and watch them play.

Road to Ballhalla perspectiveRoad to Ballhalla is a puzzle/platform game where you must guide a ball through tons of devious stages designed not only to challenge you, but also to make you laugh. Road to Ballhalla is a wonderful experience at its best and frustratingly brilliant at its worst.

Next up is the beautiful art design. I mean wow, this is a great looking game! Levels pop! I know that term gets thrown around a lot these days in reviews, but Road to Ballhalla’s levels are really nice! This game is enjoyable enough with just its masterfully crafted gameplay and level design. The fact that the developer went out of their way after nailing the game design to make the game look this beautiful is great. I’ve found myself admiring every stage. Later stages will really force you to pay attention and take it all in as you deal with ever changing visuals. Simple camera changes had me holding my breath as I tried to get through seemingly simple paths.

Road to Ballhalla tells the truth

The obvious comparison to make with Road to Ballhalla is to the classic game Marble Maddness. Well, I can say as someone who liked/loathed that game – Road to Ballhalla is the evolution fans have wanted. I feel I cannot overstate just how great this game is. It nailed every aspect of what makes a game like this great: Tight controls feel just about right for a rolling ball, wickedly smart and devious level design, mindbogglingly great music and lots of replay.

Road to Ballhalla is a fun experience that is totally worth the full price of admission. I can go on and on, but really it’s nothing but love and praise for this masterpiece.

Balls overload.

Balls overload.

No Like:

This really bad hand writing:

Road to Ballhalla hand writing fail

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 A free Steam game key was given to me to review this game.


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Basic Info:

  • $14.99 on Steam
  • Keyboard Support
  • Controller Support
  • Steam Achievements
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • TONS of replay

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