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Is HardCube Worth Your Time?




How it Plays:


HardCube feels best with a controller, but the controller support is laughably/unbelievably bad. When I say feels best, I don’t mean it controls well. It doesn’t. It’s just better than the keyboard.

Hardcube control fail


I’m honestly a little surprised this was the next game I picked out of my backlog. I just reviewed a rolling platformer yesterday: Road to Ballhalla. HardCube just happened to be what I picked next and yet it feels kind of right. Even if I didn’t experience the brilliance of Road to Ballhalla, I would have still disliked HardCube. It just makes HardCube’s failure that much more obvious. Sure HardCube costs a fraction of the price as Road to Ballhalla, but that really doesn’t matter if the gameplay is bad.

HardCube Gameplay

The biggest gameplay problem is random bounces of the ball. Most of the time you can jump gaps and control your ball fine. Other times it bounces out of control and you have to replay the level over and over. It’s maddening because there are no check points. So if you over bounce 95% of the way well, tough.

It presents itself as a “hard” game, but it just seems like the developers just tried to mask their poor level design. There’s nothing good here from broken controller controls to convoluted menu system to camera perspectives that barely give you a proper line of site.

HardCube is a bad game. It’s not hard, it’s poorly designed. It feels like it was never beta tested, and seems like just a money grab.





Basic Info:

  • $1.99 on Steam



  • I’m not promoting this mess.

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