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Is Forgotten, Not Lost worth your time?

Yes it is!



What did we think without spoiling it?

Forgotten, Not Lost is the immersive experience I’ve been waiting for with visual novels. 

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Finally! A great experience with a visual novel here on Nardio. I gotta say we started off with a pretty bad run, but perseverance has paid off. Forgotten, Not Lost is a gem!

Forgotten, Not Lost is a smart, interesting, sweet, sad and heart warming experience. Told through text, great art and spectacularly perfect music. I gotta say I was fighting back the tears on this one. Forgotten, Not Lost has you filling the shoes of an old man who’s losing his memories in his old age. It’s a sad experience in the beginning, but there is more to it than that. Even though I could totally see what was going to happen next in the story, it still really tugged on my heart strings. It all came together in a great experience that reminded me of Tuesdays With Morrie.

I loved it.

For the low, low price of $1.99 on this is a must buy for anyone curious about the visual novel experience.

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Forgotten, Not Lost has no choices to be made whatsoever. It’s more like an awesome picture book with accompanying music and sound effects. While I look forward to playing some massive branched story visual novel one day, Forgotten, Not Lost  was a wonderful experience even if it was on the rails. The whole story took about 40 minutes to get through. I have to say again, totally worth the $1.99. I was immediately drawn in. The smart writing, perfect pacing and spectacular music and art totally enraptured me. If you don’t mind a somewhat sad story about an old man dealing with what seems to be Alzheimer’s, then this is a great experience to be had.





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