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PAX East 2016

the behemoth


There were so many amazing games at PAX East 2016 that it was hard to choose who to chat with. However, The Behemoth managed to catch our eye (not just because they hosted a press breakfast). Their upcoming game – Pit People – seemed amazing to me. I’ve always loved turn-based tactics game. I got my first taste playing Ogre Tactics and then it only grew with the introduction of Disgaea. I was, therefore, super eager to play and learn more about Pit People.

I only had enough time to play the single player intro mode, but what I did see I loved. The Behemoth managed to boil down TBS games to its most basic form – movement. Yes, all you get to do is move the characters along the grid and they get to choose who they attack. This might sound simple, but there’s actually quite a bit of depth to it. After all, you need to position yourself accordingly if you want to attack or heal a specific target. At the same time, the fact that all you need to worry about is placement speeds up the pace of the game, making for fast-paced levels.

The art style, like the game, is very minimalistic, yet it manages to portray the different enemies, heroes and world perfectly. Speaking of heroes, you can recruit (or capture…whatever) other characters to join your army. What are you fighting for? Well, the main character is on a quest to avenge the death of his son. Other characters join in who have their own goals.

I’m super excited to play the game on release and I love the fact they have a single player and co-op mode.

I was able to get an interview with the designer of Pit People. Check it out below and if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for the closed beta of Pit People.

Jasmine Greene

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