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Underbite Games

PAX East 2016

As I was rushing from my previous interview to another, I came across this adorable tactics game called Super Dungeon Tactics. I was able to play it for a few moments and fell in love with it. It seems like 2016 is the year turn based tactics games are making a come back. This was the third one I’d seen. While I didn’t  have time on that first day to snag an interview, I headed back on the second day. I loved the game that much.

Underbite Games Super Dungeon Tactics

Cute characters

There are a couple features that separate Super Dungeon Tactics different from other tactics game.

  1. Every turn you get to roll some dice. You can then assign a dice to a character to unlock a special move. So instead of having a certain amount of skills every turn, you’re limited to what you received that dice turn, keeping the gameplay fresh and interesting. And of course, the enemies roll dice as well.
  2. Instead of a standard level up system, you increase your party’s strength, health and defense by equipping them with different items. This opens up the possibility of trying many different party combinations rather than sticking with your A team.

I’m thankful to Underbite Games for taking the time to speak with us. I can’t wait to try out the game once it’s released on Steam! While there’s no release date as of yet, they mentioned they would be done by 2016 so fingers crossed it’s out before the end of the year. Until then, I’m keeping up with the game by following the studio on Twitter and reading their development blog.

Check out our interview below:

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