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Is Neon Shadow Worth Your Time?

OMG Yes!




What Should You Play it On?

PC. Yes you can get it for iOS and Android, but you need to experience this on PC.



Neon Shadow Gameplay

How it Plays and Why it Works:

Neon Shadow is a fun and fast FPS that plays well on iOS and marvelously on the PC. 

You are a soldier tasked with taking down a rogue AI running rampant on a space station. It’s up to you to shoot robots and restore order. While light on plot, Neon Shadow has a lot of heart. It’s a simple first person shooter that managed to keep me enthralled from start to finish.

I first came across Neon Shadow on my iPad and was wowed with how well it played. Sadly, I had to put it down thanks to real life kneecapping my play time. Fast forward a few months later and Crescent Moon games dropped a Twitter bomb: Neon Shadow was coming to Steam.

Then Crescent Moon Games sent me a Steam key….

And then the excitement hit.

Excited gif

I know some PC gamers are going to hate this game just because it got its start on mobile, but Neon Shadow is great. Period. If you want to ignore Neon Shadow just because of its origins you’re a moron.

Single Player Campaign

Neon shadow plays wonderfully on PC. The graphics are really vibrant and perfectly rendered, the gameplay is tight and the music is just fast enough to keep you on edge. Playing with a keyboard and mouse just feels right. There were no input issues or lag. At around 2 hours of game time (including deaths and restarts) it’s on the short side. With that said it was over two hours of intense fun for five bucks. I can’t even get that at the movies. The game starts off simple enough, but later on introduces new mechanics and enemies. There are also several difficulty levels offering a good challenge for all players.

I really, really hope the developer decides to make a more fleshed out sequel. If nothing else, it would be great if they add some challenging DLC.

Neon Shadow wall bug

There were a few bugs I found here and there. For example, destroyed secret walls don’t allow shotgun blasts to pass through them for some reason. Sometimes the enemies don’t register the damage you deal. Thankfully, these bugs were few and far between. Sure it could have used some more enemies and a few more levels, but overall it was a tight experience from start to finish.

Halloween and Christmas robot killing levels please!

Neon Shadow Multiplayer Killing Spree

Multiplayer Mode

Once you finish the campaign you can also jump on multiplayer. It was a bit underwhelming at first. I was just thrown into a map and had no choice in what type of game I was playing. Soon enough I discovered I was playing the mutant mode. In this mode whoever kills the mutant becomes it. Being a mutant allows you to see players through walls and move faster. That is how my reign of death and destruction began.

Non Non Biyori bad food gif

I like to think that a majority of the bad reviews on Steam right now are from players I mercilessly and utterly destroyed this weekend. You know who you are. Nardio came for you. Don’t cry.

Git gud.

Nardio Owns Neon Shadow

Yeah, I got into it. Maybe a bit too into in. I fell in love with Neon Shadow’s multiplayer. It is fast and fun. I am totally having classic doom multiplayer flashbacks from college.

Is it perfect? No, it’s kinda glitchy and needs some work. Sometimes I cannot pick up weapons. Other times, all the other players quit and the match keeps going. There could definitely be more maps. Worst of all, this build of Neon Shadow does not have local split screen multiplayer. Ugh. That hurts. BUT! It is planned for a later update.

Neon Shadow Multiplayer choices

All that said I still love it. I have been playing multiplayer matches on-and-off the entire weekend. There are three gameplay modes and three maps. I have dominated everything and love it.

So again, $5.00 with Neon Shadow gets you over two hours of a fun campaign, and hours of multiplayer fun. 

Totally worth it. 

That said I really would love it if there was word from the original developer about possibly updating the game with a few more challenge levels. Neon Shadow’s campaign also desperately needs a level select system. I’d love to go back and get S ranks on every level without having to play through the whole thing again. After beating a level you are given a grade, told your accomplishments and then move on. This makes no sense to me. Why bother giving me a letter grade if I can’t go back and beat it immediately?

After beating the game you are only allowed to start a new game. Huge let down. I wanted to take on the boss a few more times for fun. It also lacks achievements and Steam trading cards. Personally, I don’t really care about those things, but I know there are a lot of Steam gamers that do.

Please, please add a level select screen Tasty Poison Games. 

I can go on and on, but there is no point. Neon Shadow is an amazing game and I cannot wait to jump back on to wreck more players in death matches. I love this game. 





 A free Steam game key was given to me to review this game.


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Basic Info:

  • $4.99 on Steam
  • Keyboard and mouse Support
  • Controller Support
  • Online Mulitplayer
  • Split Screen Multiplayer Coming Soon!
  • Bot Matches
  • Lots of replay



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