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Is Dimension W Volume 1

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What Did I Think Without Spoiling It?

An unlikable main character and a story that never quite pulls me in.

Dimension W Starts off with a lot of information, world building , techno babble, and introduces you to the main character who is an unlikable jerk. Dimension W volume one feels like a TV show where the first few episodes are just about establishing the world with the expectation that it is interesting enough that you would want to stick around an know more. Unfortunately it isn’t. This is the first volume of a manga series that just doesn’t do enough to draw me in and offers nothing for me to want to come back to.

dimension-w-volume-1-explanationI didn’t hate Dimension W, I just don’t find the first volume interesting or appealing. Knowing that I have to buy the next volume to see if I start to like the world and maybe get invested doesn’t seem worth it. Every manga’s first volume has one job for new readers: To draw you in and hook you. To make you feel as if you have to know what happens next. To invest you in the world. Dimension W volume 1 just fails to do it for me.

First off the main character has no redeeming qualities. He seems to be an amazing fighter and a well known professional in the world. Unfortunately he is seemingly detached from the action at hand when he is fighting. Almost as if he doesn’t want to be there. He also effortlessly dispatches his foes and never seems worried about making it through each fight. Sure you can tell he has some sort of history and mystery going on, but it just never makes up for his unlikable writing, or the fact that you never really worry about him.

He is such an unbearable jerk to everyone around him that he sucks the life out of what would have been cool scenes. The supporting characters seem interesting, but sadly they are paired with the main character and he just takes away from it all. Mira seems like she could be a really interesting character, but she gets the mystery treatment as well. When she does show her tough side it also ends up while she shows off her ass at the same time. It kinda makes sense considering the outfit she was wearing, but it just came across as heavy handed T&A fan service pandering. Granted I am more than OK with fan service in manga. But only when it feels like it works with the story. Here it’s totally out of place.


To make matters worse after the initial character introductions, the story just gets kind of silly. While I guess it’s meant to introduce the readers into the world of the main characters and bring about a new adventure, the way its handled is just so dumb that I don’t really care. That and again the seemingly lack of real threats, there is nothing to get invested in.

The art is OK. I say that because maybe, maybe if the art was more interesting, I could stomach this crappy story telling. Unfortunate Dimension W’s art can best be described as adequate at best. Honestly it’s kind of weird because the artist seems to be mix various styles and looks and it’s just distracting.

The final nail comes from the ending of the volume or lack thereof. It just ends in a weird point.

I may get volume two out of some morbid sense of curiosity and to at least say that I tried to like Dimension W. But I cannot at this time justify buying it. I can spend that 7 bucks on so many better things… Like toilet paper or coffee. I’ll check my local library. I don’t want to risk spending money on this.



Avoid this.


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