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Re:Zero is an interesting anime to review and recommend. It’s a slow burn that takes a few episodes to get into and appreciate. It gets better and better and soon becomes a roaring fire of edge of your seat TV watching.


I haven’t been this invested every week in a TV show since Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica. I have nothing but praise for Re:Zero. One word of advice though, I do recommend that you give it some time. The main character can be pretty off putting in the first few episodes. But this was intentional according to the creator of the light novel it was based on. After a few episodes though the initial world building is done and you find yourself understanding him. Later on even rooting for him. All the while desperately trying to figure out what is happening. This is a hard anime to review because it’s so easy to spoil. So much of what happens develops slowly and further pulls you into the world.

Normally I would have a spoiler/lets talk about the show part below this, but this time I am just going to make another post just to talk/gush about it all. Maybe throw in a few tinfoil hat theories!

Back to the show!

I loved it. I honestly loved it. Everything about this show is amazing. The spot on art that is familiar, yet feels unique. The crazy perfect pacing and story telling that will have you rewatching past episodes to catch hints or understand characters motivations. The characters are all pretty amazing. None are shallow tropes. All of them have you wanting to know more about them. The voice acting that never feels cliche or out of place. It feels real, wonderfully and painfully real. Finally the sound design. The music and sound effects that push every single scene to it’s utmost limit and drives it all home to make this an epic and amazing experience.

Re:Zero has to be the most evocative TV series I have ever watched.


I laughed, teared up, felt dread, hope, and romance. All from an anime that at first glance I thought I wouldn’t like… This is an amazing experience. Be warned though, this is NOT an anime for children.


You must watch this.




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