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Is Vision of Aurora Borealis WORTH YOUR TIME?


Gods no.





Sakamoto is salty

Vision of Aurora Borealis is a bad kinetic visual novel experience that hit all the wrong notes. Besides the art, nothing about this visual novel worked. Even the art was uneven. The writing was poorly edited and the story feels rushed and poorly paced.

The best way to describe Vision of Aurora Borealis is slapdash.

Vision of Aurora Borealis is a kinetic experience. I really wish it wasn’t because the writing makes the protagonist come off as an jerk. I really wish I was able to play this and make some choices. Better choices. The story reads as if someone was playing through a visual novel making all of the wrong choices.

It sucks and it’s frustrating to read.

To make matters worse the story makes no sense. It’s poorly paced and finally contradicts itself. The ending is so bad I’m at a loss at how the creator of this hot mess could possibly think it was acceptable. The grammar problems were so bad that, I, a person with bad grammar found myself constantly stopping to reread what I just read to take in just how bad it was.


One annoying example of bad writing in the beginning is the main character keeps referring to a fox initially as a ball. It goes on for way to long and had me wondering if I was reading a really bad translation instead of a game made for the English market.

The final straw with Vision of Aurora Borealis is how short it is. Clocking in at about twenty minutes this does not feel at all worth it’s asking price. Maybe I could have forgiven this if the story told had been good. But it’s not. It never approaches the realm of good or even mediocre… Just bad.

How would I describe Vision of Aurora Borealis?






A waste of time.

A waste of money.

This doesn’t read and feel like it should have been a paid visual novel. First and foremost be this needs to be fixed. At the very least have the grammar and spelling problems fixed. It’s so bad it’s inexcusable.

Considering the disjointed as the story is this should be free. This feels like someone’s first test visual novel thrown out there in a cheap attempt to make money. The frustrating thing about Vision of Aurora Borealis is it’s a successful Kickstarter! I’m really glad I didn’t invest in this or I’d be pissed! 

This was supposed to be a two hour long experience with side stories. Instead we have this slapdash hot mess. Check out what should have been included. This was taken from the Kickstarter page:

  • 2 hours of main story and a side story featuring Icelandic myths
  • In-depth story focused on 1 female character
  • 10 backgrounds with variations of nature in Iceland
  • 7 CGs featuring the female character
  • Simple introduction to northern lights
  • 5 pages of exclusive artwork and character design in fanbook
  • Game to be released in November in English, Chinese, and possibly Japanese on Steam and possibly Android

Yea… most of that never made it to the final game.

Bad Kickstarter creator! Bad! Bad! Bad Kickstarter creator!


The final straw for me is the option’s menu gives away how rushed and half-assed Vision of Aurora Borealis is. They just left in the choices options! As if there were any choices!


I’m guessing the creators just decided to rush it out and cut most of the promised content out. Leaving us with this disjointed mess of an experience. The poorly paced and disjointed story all makes sense now. At least in a frustrating way that leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Bad Kickstarter creators like this make it harder on everyone else hoping to crowdfund a project.

Long story short avoid this. Even if it’s on sale for under a dollar don’t support this mess. Purin Productions should be ashamed of themselves for hawking this mess.


Avoid this.


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