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If you can deal with very dark fantasy stories that include violent and graphic material.





goblin-slayer-chapter-2-the-hero-comes-inGoblin Slayer continues down the road to becoming  a dark fantasy epic. Chapter 2 bring it all together and shows it has the potential to become the manga I’m hoping it can be.

I loved it. 

First off if you haven’t yet, go read our spoiler free review of chapter one and then decide if this is for you.

Chapter 1 of Goblin Slayer was a disaster for the cast involved. It went by the numbers of what not to do in a hunt for monsters. The adventurers were’t taking the situation seriously. They didn’t think that the goblins could be a threat. They were not used to working together. They didn’t mind their surroundings. It was a mess. Goblin Slayer chapter 1 was interesting because it was predictable, in what could/would go wrong, but still riveting because you didn’t think it could go so wrong. The writing was harsh, violent and honestly brilliant.

Chapter 2 starts off running and takes you on the same adventure again, but with a hero that knows what he is doing. Having him deconstruct the events of chapter one along with our poor priest was magnificent. Watching the events unfold with a pro at the helm was riveting. Goblin Slayer is the hero needed to go against the monsters this world has created. His actions mirror the threat. His understanding of what he is up against befits his given rank. This manga continues to fly in the face of all those cheezy shonen manga that show brash idiots always winning. As I compared chapter one of Goblin Slayer to a horror movie, chapter two is a smart dark drama that pulls no punches.

I have zero complaints or reservations about this chapter. It was masterfully done and brilliant. The art and story are absolute perfection here.
















This is what I was hoping for when I read chapter one. This is what I was hoping for when I immediately bought the rest of the available issues.Which I then obsessively read on my iPad. This sort of gritty dark fantasy realism in this dark gritty world. After our party of idiot adventurers were soundly defeated and almost totally destroyed, we get the hero the situation demands.



A hero that actually fits the world established. Goblin Slayer is just that. A take no prisoner goblin killer who is not trying to be an adventure. He is just there to kill goblins. At no point did he take the goblins lightly until after he systematically destroyed the main threats. Even still he made sure to destroy ever last goblin. I loved it.

I’m glad the priest survived. She serves as a great doorway to the world that the reader can identify with. The manga ends with a new hope that Goblin Slayer’s manga story will be one that takes dark fantasy seriously. Where caution and respect for the situation will win out instead of screaming and “ganbatte”.

goblin-slayers-perfect-dichotomyI know it’s dark and kinda messed up to say, but man am I glad Goblin Slayer took the extra time to kill the goblin children while explaining why they have to die. It just adds that extra level of seriousness to the situation. Having the priest cry next to him as he goes to task was a magnificent shot that displays the death of the blind idealism of a new adventurer when faced with the real world they are in. It’s even more genius to me that this dichotomy happened with a priest and warrior. One seeks to preserve and protect life while one is for ending it and also protecting it. The contrast between the two in the near final pages was absolutely brilliant.






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