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kiss him not me

Is Kiss Him Not Me Worth Your Time?

While we just watched the first episode, I’m already hooked so yes!


What Should You Watch it On?

As far as I know the only place you can legally watch it is on Crunchyroll.


What Did We Think Without Spoiling It?

If you enjoyed the hilarious but all too short The Highschool Life of a Fundanshi, you’ll definitely enjoy Kiss Him Not Me. It’s a fun little reverse harem situation where the main girl is more interested in imagining yaoi relationships between her suitors. It’s hilarious and definitely something I’ll eagerly watch every week.


Why it Works


So far, Kiss Him Not Me isn’t a stereotypical romance anime. Sure, it obviously has the potential to turn into one, but the fact the main character is such a fujoshi just makes a regular high school romance plot seem pretty much impossible.

The story follows Kei Serinuma as she gleefully pairs together attractive guys around her. It doesn’t matter if they two guys have no relation to each other and aren’t gay at all. All that matters is her overactive imagination. She’s happy enough simply peering in on their manly love and has no interest in a relationship of her own. This despite the fact that she’s on speaking terms with four of the more attractive boys in school. For the most part, two of the boys – Nanashima and Shinomiya – are quite disrespectful to Kei in the beginning as they only see her as a lazy, fat girl. The other two are more cordial. Igarashi is the typical nice guy who treats everyone fairly. The last guy – Asuma – is the oldest of the bunch but seems to be the only one who appreciates Kei for who she is.

Kei eventually finds herself the object of these four boys’ attention after she loses a ton of weight. While she attempts to act the part of a regular girl, she eventually can’t hide her otaku nature.

First Episode Overview

I found myself really enjoying the first episode. The art is spot on. Kei’s dramatic transformation shocks even her. Heck, it’s no surprise hardly anyone recognized her, even her hair looks different. And of course her eyes transform from small/beady to the stereotypical huge anime. Even still, she can’t hide her fujoshi roots and there are plenty of scenes where she has a creepy smile or pervy look as she sees two guys next to each other. Honestly, I love that she’s the same girl and appreciate the fact she stays true to herself.
In terms of the suitors, there’s really one one that makes the most sense as of now – Asuma Mutsumi. He’s the only one who recognized her after she lost a ton of weight and also the only one who seemed to care about her even when she was pudgy. Interestingly, he’s also the only one who didn’t ask her out on a date at first. He just asked for the continuation of a book he’d already borrowed. After everyone else demanded a date, he chimed in. And then, of course, after she reveals her true nature he’s the only one who doesn’t seem to care. In fact, he encourages it. That’s what I call a good pairing. Don’t believe me, scroll through the slideshow and tell me you don’t think so too. Or better yet just watch the anime.





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