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Goblin Slayer is a welcome break to the action and violence. Instead we are treated to backstory and world building that is informative and entertaining while avoiding being a story dump.

I loved it. 

First off if you haven’t yet, go read our spoiler free review of chapter one and chapter two then decide if this is for you.

Chapter 1 of Goblin Slayer was a refreshing break from the action and carnage. We are treated to a day in the life of our hero and learn his motivation as well as a bit about what shaped him. Chapter 3 gives a bit more information to work with about the world and even what caused the unfortunate events of chapter one.


This chapter is interesting and a little weird because it puts into perspective the goblin threat of the first two chapters in relation to the rest of the world this comic is based in. It’s harsh and it has me wondering what direction this comic will go. I did notice a bit of fan service thrown in that was a bit out of place for me, but then thinking back to some of the costumes we saw in chapter one it sort of makes sense. Thankfully there wasnt too much of it so it didn’t really feel outta place.

I have zero complaints or reservations about this chapter. It was masterfully done and brilliant. The art and story are absolute perfection here.















So the horrible, horrible events of chapter one is considered a minor threat in the world of Goblin Slayer?!?!?!?

How fucked up is the rest of this universe?

What are the serious threats then?

How bad are things if new adventurers and poor villages are left to die by goblins?

This really, really surprised me.

Goblin Slayer chapter 3 was a good break from the first two chapters, but teased the heck out of me with tid-bits of information. What are these bigger threats? Who are these dark gods? What can be so threatening that villages being destroyed and wanton rape and destruction is deemed acceptable losses? How does Goblin Slayer look under that mask?!!?

These questions aren’t answered, but instead we get a tad bit of backstory and a look inside of the damaged past and mind of our hero. He is obsessed, he is broken, and he is on a dark mission. One that he revels in. It’s pretty messed up, but it works.


Making matters worse, no one else who is competent enough to do goblin slaying wants to. These other adventurers have to know what these goblins are doing, yet still they choose not to? I wonder if they are being heavily taxed? I wonder why no one else wants to help?

So he is left to do what he does, and we see how necessary it is. But thinking back to chapters 1 & 2. You see what he has to deal with. He is sadly used to having to put rookie adventurers to death. He is used to cleaning up messes and saving lives and broken people. More often than not it seems the lives can’t be saved. He is doing the dirty work that no one else wants to do and he get paid badly for it. This is really harsh. I wonder what else this world is hiding?


It is nice to see that he has his childhood friend with him. Maybe she can help bring him back a bit, or at least something to fight for besides revenge. The same can be said of our lil priest who seems intent on staying with team goblin slayer. I am worried that one or both of them may end up with gruesome deaths of messed up rape scenes, but then again it seems anything can happen in this world. Maybe throwing in some nice characters that we can relate to and worry about is meant to add some tension. If so well done. I am officially worried about them.

Goblin Slayer chapter 3 is another amazing addition to the series. It explains a little and opens up the world, but still leaves you wanting much more.



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