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IS Last Days of Spring Visual Novel


Yes it is!




Last Days of Spring Visual Novel is a heartwarming and endearing experience.

Last day of Spring Visual Novel puts you in the shoes of a high school girl named Yuka Kishimoto during her last week of high school before graduation. After finishing her exams new social events and opportunities present themselves. Questions and choices present themselves as well. Yuka, now free from the burden of classes now has the opportunity to think about her own future.

How was it? Well, to be honest at first I thought it was a lil corny. The writing was a bit unnatural for high school kids at first, after a little while it started to click. (Think: Dawson’s Creek if your are old enough) As time went on the visual novel felt really fresh and interesting. By the end I was in very much invested in Yuka and the world around her. Last Days of Spring Visual novel isn’t very long, but it was interesting. I finished it about an hour and then went back and replayed the end sequence to experience all of the different endings.  For the most part they mostly all worked. Some were better than others, but overall I found myself happy with the overall experience. That said I do wish the weaker ones were fleshed out a bit. They just sorta end… While, OK, they could have been better judging by the earlier writing.

This visual novel has a very unique visual style that at first, honestly felt kinda lazy. Yet over the course of the visual novel I found myself really enjoying it. The art style consists of stock art for the backgrounds with an interesting shojo manga like characters laid over them. Most characters only have one character drawing for them. None seem to have any additional facial expressions. At first it’s weird, and again, seemed lazy and cheap. But once you got used to it, it’s fine.


Sure I would have loved to have at least more facial variations for the characters, but the wide array of interesting backgrounds brought life into the world. Also it sort of reminded me of an indie game dev project that made the best of what it had. In the end it works. It was worth the $2.99 asking price. I got over an hours worth of enjoyment that left me in a good mood and out a smile on my face.

I find myself hoping for more visual novels to make use of the stock background method established here to help create more immersive experiences. Most of the time I find myself lamenting that there aren’t enough backgrounds to suit the VN’s that I am reading. Almost all of them so far have had several walls of text. This usually rips me out of the experience. Here, there is almost always something to place you in the scene.

I hope in the developer of this; Sapphire Dragon Productions is able to afford more character art next time. If they are able to and keep up with the writing and the interesting backgrounds I think they will be able to create a much more immersive and impressive experience.

Last day of Spring Visual Novel is an almost totally kinetic experience. Besides the final choice in the end there are no other choices to be made that matter. Thankfully the writing was good enough that I didn’t mind the lack of choices. The last choice is the biggie and thankfully the dev reminded the player that this is the biggie and that was the time to save. Good job dev. I would have preferred an autosave at that moment as to not take me out of the experience, but since none exist here it worked. I knew it was the big event by the writing, so it sorta made sense to have that extra prod to save.

One thing that comes to mind is the visual novel doesn’t support Steam’s screenshot system. I had to Ctrl + Print Screen to get the review done. Not a problem for most players, but it was a bit weird. Also there was a lack of an extra’s section. It would have been nice to have been able to check out the character drawings, some background on the game or at least be able to pull up the backgrounds so I could use them for desktop backgrounds. They were really nice!

Last day of Spring Visual Novel was another visual novel that I bought and purposefully forgot about. When looking for my Friday visual novel reviews I want to be surprised. Once again I am glad I did because this was a fun and refreshing experience. I really hope to see more from the developers of this.

I recommend this visual novel.




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