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Goblin Slayer throws us right back into the dark world and doesn’t let up. 

I loved it. 

First off if you haven’t yet, go read our spoiler free reviews of chapter one chapter two and chapter 3 then decide if this is for you.

Chapter 3 of Goblin Slayer was a refreshing break from the action and carnage. But we were teased of things to come. Sadly it seems to have turned out just like our hero feared it would. Once again we have to see the worst of what happens with goblins. It’s dark, brutal, but it still fits the tone of the series. Thankfully there is more than just carnage to this chapter. We also are treated to goblin slaying tactics and Goblin Slayer’s warfare first hand. We also start to see the interesting evolution of our priestess as she adjust to war. We also get another sneak peak into our hero. It’s mostly action, but there is smart writing that continues the character growth and a bit of the world building. Once again the art is absolute perfection here. The writing never dips and the chapter ends in a very interesting way.

If you aren’t reading Goblin Slayer yet, what are you waiting for?












Does anyone else hear the Master Chief’s voice whenever you read Goblin Slayer speak? I do and it’s magnificent.

So the party of adventurers Goblin Slayer called for dead really did end up that way. At first I was honestly a little put off for having to endure another rape scene so soon. I have a problem with rape scenes in general. Way, way to many women I know were raped. Add in the semester of Criminal Justice classes learning about in in our legal system and a few years of women’s studies in college and it turned into a sticking point with me. A lot manga seems to trivialize it, while this one does us it, it doesn’t try and sexualize and make it seem pleasent it as so many other mangas tend to do. Instead it’s used as for its brutality. While still tough to read it serves its purpose. Thankfully it wasn’t as brutal as the first chapter nor as long. Still fucked up, but then again this is the world of Goblin Slayer. Understanding that, it makes sense. I just hope this doesn’t turn into something that has all of it’s female characters getting raped just cause.

I was glad to see that this party at least tried to do things right, They were really just caught off guard. A group of male adventurers could have failed the same way. Maybe even raped as well. Thankfully the murder and rape of humans was just beginning of the chapter. It is interesting to note how prepared the goblins were for an attack. They had a look out, traps and were positioned to take advantage of the situation. I wonder if the goblins of this world are getting smarter or were they always this smart? It would make sense considering how many people underestimate them. It’s also interesting to note that the quest giver was also pointing out in the last chapter that goblins are a lot smarter than people give them credit for. The more I think about this chapter, the more it seems like the chapter before set a lot up for us.


Quickly afterwards we get to see Goblin Slayer and the Priestess working together to take down this fortress of goblins. This elven fortress. It was really interesting to see the two of them working together. With Goblin Slayers direction, they make a really good team. I absolutely loved how the Priestess was using her powers for the battle. It makes sense considering how Priests are used in other fantasy settings. Hell this chapter reminded me of Jasmine and I playing World of Warcraft. I roll a Pally Tank and she rolls a Priest Holy spec healer and we have totally taken down mobs in a similar way. Now I wish now that Jas had some fancy light barrier power in game as well! Anywhoo, seeing the two different classes synergizing to take down this threat was really interesting. Having her second guess herself, her purpose, her powers and her use of them as she does it also makes a lot of sense. I love this self doubt in the face of what must be done. She knows there are just too many goblins to take on in a straight and “fair” fight. There isn’t even the chance of a fair fight with goblins. They just need to die. The events with the previous party make that perfectly clear. And if using her holy powers to do it is what it takes, then she seems to know she has to. I hope we see a lot more character growth from her. She seems like a really interesting character. I also want to see how else holy powers are used in battle. I really hope we see more, offensive Priests and Priestesses as the series continues. The way this chapter plays out has me wondering and betting on seeing some Battle Priests.


The small moment where we see Goblin Slayer break from his usual stoic nature to honestly tell the Priestess how hard it is to behave his rank really hit me. It was honest, raw, and it showed that he trusted her. Or at least felt as if he could open up to her. This really, really surprised me. I hope to see more interactions like this. I also hope we can finally see under that helmet.

The chapter ends in an interesting way. An elf! And Orcblog? Is that Goblin Slayer’s name or hers?

I’m hooked





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