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No you didn't hun.

No you didn’t hun.

IS Heart and Seoul WORTH YOUR TIME?





Meh. It had a lot of potential, but needed to be longer. Even if Heart and Seoul were on sale for under a buck, I would have still felt ripped off. 

It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t good. Heart and Seoul starts off really strong, pulls you in and then it just ends. It felt like the developer got bored partway through development and just slapped it up on the Steam store for a quick $3.00 before it was finished. Heart and Seoul feels like an uncompleted first chapter of a larger story. 

The initial world building is great. Character intros feel organic and everyone speaks normally.

At first.

Later on when you have to make choices, they just don’t seem to fit. It’s not just the main character who goes off script. One guy keeps referring to his previous conversation with you as intense and formal when it wasn’t at all.

Wait what?

Wait what?

You meet and spend time with two men while house sitting your uncle’s apartment. It’s sort of interesting interacting with them and learning about the city, but there is zero romantic chemistry. At least not with you and the romantic interests. Instead, there was more chemistry between the two guys.

The developer should have expanded the time period. Right now, it only consists of a week where you meet these two. It’s just not long enough to create any sort of connection. Still, there’s obvious potential here, but it’s cut short. It’s a huge let down. Especially when the story tries to force romance when it just doesn’t make any sense. For example, one guy gave me a bracelet and then never spoke about it or moved forward with anything. His friend later asks me out.

It was forced, phoned in and rushed.

As short as the game is, it’s obvious the developer put a lot of time into it as evidenced by the art work and music. Sure there aren’t many visuals for the characters, but the story doesn’t really need them. The backgrounds are great and the music matches the mood.

Besides choosing answers, there’s also a match-3 mini game for when you bartend.It took me a minute or two to figure it out. Then it just let me down some more.. It was a little too simple. Yet by the end it turned out to be the highlight of the game. I wanted to replay it, but you only have one other chance to play. It felt shoe horned in.

As for the story, the main character spoils it. She tells us that we will definitely find love. During my first play though that lasted about 40 minutes. I ended up turning down some requests from both guys because I figured there had to be more to this. On replay I said yes and had laughably bad options. Again, this author has zero grasp of romance.

As disappointment tends to do.

As disappointment tends to do.

Yes this was just $2.99. But it’s not worth it. The story was a let down, the art is wasted and the choices are so stupid there is no real need for replay. To make matters worse the skip button doesn’t work. It skips until you get to a choice and then keeps skipping. It’s maddeningly frustrating. You have to go back and read the log to know what changed. With that said, most of the time nothing really changed and your choices don’t matter.

All of this really makes me kinda sad because Heart and Seoul starts off really strong. Had the developer put more effort in the main story and called in someone else to help write out the romance this could have been amazing. Sadly woulda, coulda and shoulda aren’t worth $2.99 or your time. Even if this were free I still wouldn’t recommend it. 


Avoid this.


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