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Last Days of Spring 2 is a let down..

Sakamoto is salty

I really enjoyed the original Last days of Spring. It was a cute visual novel that was tight experience that felt right. Sure the endings could have been a bit longer, but other wise it was a great experience. The follow up Last day of Spring 2 feels half-assed in comparison. Add to that the purchase price is doubled and all of a sudden it feels very wrong.

Last Days of Spring 2 takes place five years after the original and starts you in the path of dating Keisuke who seems to have been the most popular choice in the original game. Our protagonist Yuka is traveling to America to spend a weekend with the old gang from high school. The premise is great, but the execution is lacking. You find out that something happened between you and Keisuke, but reveal isn’t fleshed out enough to make it seem like a big deal. The way it and the rest of the visual novel story was done felt like bad writing. I hate to say that, but the writing in this follow up is no where near as good as the original. The choices you are given also aren’t as meaningful. There is zero romance here making the paths totally forced.

During my first playthrough I ended up alone and that felt right. The romance was so forced you have to force yourself to chase after it. A hopeful way to look at it is the other characters are meekly extending an olive branch to try for a romantic encounter. Sadly I can’t really see it that way. I just can’t give the author the benefit of the doubt here. It comes off as lazy and unnatural.  The romance paths just come off as very badly written. None more so than the Yuri path. In the original game it felt rushed and kinda shoehorned in. Here it feels totally forced and stupidly written.


The whole weekend trip was an unnecessary time constraint that just doesn’t give you enough time with any of the characters to make any connections. Sure you have a bit of connections from the past, but that’s not enough. I don’t mean that in the OMG I was so into the story kinda way, I mean it as there really wasn’t much substance here. Right when the story feels like it’s starting it ends. Every interesting conversation in this visual novel feels cut short. For double the price of the original I feel ripped off here. I finished this story in just about the same time as I did the original.

A better way to have approached this visual novel would have been to allow less choices and have the character go off on all of the optional paths until the very end. If there were to be more optional paths make them clearer and give them more meaning. This way we wouldn’t have missed out on all of the interactions that would have added to the overall experience. That said, again even the optional paths feel lacking in substance. Really Last days of Spring 2 needed more time in the oven. This should not have been released in this half-assed state.

The art in the original was spartan, but it made sense considering the cost. Here we are treated with new character art and more traditional background art…unfortunately, the character art while initially nice is lacking. Especially so considering the price. Everyone is always wearing the same thing… there are no additional facial expressions…. the backgrounds are all filtered over and kinda feel lifeless… Gods I hate being the steam reviewer who says this, but this doesn’t feel like it’s worth the price at all. You charged me double and yet give me seemingly the same amount of content. Sorry but that doesn’t fly.

Last Days of Spring 2 feels like a half-assed rush. It starts off strong, and then lazily plods its way to it’s short and unsatisfying ending…. If you force any of the romance to happen it’s even more unsatisfying. What happened here? Why in the world would Sapphire Productions release this mess like this?

The final nail in the coffin of this hot mess of a visual novel is the skip button is totally broken. Sure it gets you to the next path question, but then it continues to fast forward… totally ruining the experience of  the other paths. The story is so un-enjoyable that I really found myself getting annoyed at having to replay it at normal speed. Then the add the fast forward problem and bam I am a salty reviewer.







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  • I’m not promoting this mess.





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