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dragons-rioting-volume-5-intro-picWHAT DID I THINK WITHOUT SPOILING IT?

Just get this. Make sure to get volumes onetwothree and four first.

Welcome back to Tachibana Rintaro’s (Rin) crazy high school life as he attempts to stay alive in a high school full of fighting. Not only that, but he also has to keep his mind calm around all the female students otherwise he might literally die.

Dragons Rioting Volume 5 has Rintaro taking a break from his school worries and going to visit his home… Well that was the plan at least until he finds himself followed. What was supposed to be a calm and relaxing break at home turns into another action packed hilarious adventure for our hero.

Just like the previous volumes, Dragons Rioting Volume 5’s art is great. The action scenes hit with the same impact as the comedy scenes. Everything feels right and there isn’t a single lazy art page to be found. Once again the cast grows with some new characters and plenty of character development. In Dragons Rioting Voulme 5 we see Rintaro start to accept his new found friends and he starts down a new path. It was a really interesting read that just made me love the character even more.












dad-protecting-rinI loved that we are treated to some Rin and dad time. These two characters adore each other and you totally see where Rin gets a lot of his goofy behavior from. I also loved how protective he was of Rin the second he spotted the girls and yet relaxed and trusting he was of his son as he entered into a life or possible death match. He loves his son and also trusts in and respects his strength. It’s also fun seeing Rin be even more care free around his dad. He turned into an even bigger goofball and it’s adorable. Meanwhile Rin’s dad is all to aware of Rin’s special problem and tries his best to help and hilariously makes things worse. I really, really hope dad becomes a mainstay of the series.

As much as I am totally not shipping Rin and Ayane, I did love how much more comfortable they are with each other. He held her hand, again!!! As soon as he realized she and Rurina were following him, he just accepted it. Seeing him so willing to protect her and train her later on was nice as well. The added bonus of an interesting backstory that helped flesh her out totally helps me like her more. I really did think/worry that she was a much shallower character than what she is turning out to be. Now we totally understand why she is so protective of her friends. Why she is so strongly for the strong protecting the weak. I am enjoying seeing her character growth. I am absolutely loving how she is now able to use more of Rin’s techniques.


When she pulled out the Bullet Cutting Thorns form I had a huge smile on my face. I really didn’t expect her to grow this much this fast. It makes sense considering how hard she has been training and how intently she follows her master Rin. I wonder if Rin’s father would be willing to officially take her on as his pupil?

Then comes the introduction of another enemy/rival for Rin, the sadistic and cruel Saizo. I like that this character seems to be straight out and out evil. We haven’t had a proper villain in the series yet that was strong enough to stand toe to toe with Rin and be totally evil. I really hope they keep him that way. I enjoyed that he was able to take Rin on and fight him to a draw. A recurring threat is always welcome. I can’t help but notice how much he looks like Kyoka. I wonder if they are related? Considering how hard I am personally shipping a Rin/Kyoka relationship it would make things a bit more interesting.


All that said my other fave love interest for Rin, Rurina had a lot of time to shine and gosh darnit is she ever lovable. In the first part of the book she is trying her darndest to not get outdone by Ayane and it’s adorbs. After once again getting her feelings ignored she is trained hilariously by Rin’s dad. Then towards the end we are treated to a lil backstory as to how and why she followed Rin on his vacation. I really, really hope we see more or and her growth. I also hope we get to see some results from her training with Rin’s dad soon.



Dragons Rioting Volume 5 manages to somehow be just as amazing as the last four before it. While this volume seemed to be more comedy focused than the last, it never slowed down or felt dull. The writing continues to be perfection and the art here is just insane. The artist has a mind boggling amount of talent and range. From the goofy panels to the ecchi to the bad ass action scenes, the art is Dragons Rioting is some of the very best happening today.  I wholeheartedly recommend reading this manga. The translation is excellent and the art is just flawless.





I wasn’t a fan of Rin pulling out the “Ultimate Technique” already. It feels way, way, way too early in the manga for that. That said this manga has done nothing but surprise me. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a more ultimate technique waiting in the wings. The time between these volumes releasing is kind of insane. I have to wait until March 21’st of next year for the next one! There is no Mad House or Trigger anime adaptation announced.



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