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First off if you haven’t yet, go read our spoiler free reviews of chapter one chapter two and chapter 3 then decide if this is for you.

Chapter 7 of Goblin Slayer continues the epic story. Once again we get to see our hero Goblin Slayer at work doing what he does best, killing goblins. This time around we get to see him working in a team against the most dangerous challenge we have seen him face yet.

I find this newest arc interesting because of the teamwork element that’s been introduced. In the last chapter the second he got into the goblin infested fortress last issue he immediately took charge. It makes sense considering that the group would defer to his expertise in taking out this threat, but his no nonsense leadership is interesting to watch. A little frustrating as well since he doesn’t explain himself much, but it works. It’s really crazy to me that so many other adventurers can make it to silver rank status and still not have much expertise in killing what has come to be known as the common threat of goblins. Yet here we are, Goblin Slayer surrounded by an experienced group of silver ranks and he is leading them. I do appreciate that they are all useful and each brings a unique skill that helps the mission along.

In chapter 7 Goblin Slayer continues to lead, but manages to incorporate the rest of the team. The results were fascinating and brutal. I’m not going to give anything away here, but sufficed to say Goblin Slayer continues to be a must buy manga. The end of the issue has a refreshing surprise!

As always the art is perfection and the writing is as always perfect. If you haven’t started reading Goblin Slayer, what are you waiting for?









Last issue gave us the campfire fun before the big fight. It was lighthearted and gave us some more much needed character development and a calm before the coming storm. Then we went right into the fortress and the action kicked up. The final shocker of the issue was seeing the Elvin woman demanding the death of her goblin captor/rapist. Goblin Slayer was quick to the task. While I wasn’t a fan of yet another rape happening in story, that’s the world that this story takes place in. It makes sense. I did appreciate the nameless elf not being as broken as the other women have been so far. I was thinking that we would see more of her in this chapter, but she was wondrously carried away with some very imaginative and impressive power from our Lizardman priest. It makes sense, but I was sad to see her go. I had a feeling that she would have reveled in revenge. That said lets take a second and revel in that awesome summoned dinosaur he used to whisk the elf to safety. How friggin cool was that? I really love that this party of adventures each seems to bring something useful to the table.

The story of our party assaulting the goblin fortress continues. I noticed that Goblin Slayer was being more forceful than needed, to a piss off the broken up Elvinranger in the party. At first it seemed really jerk’ish, but I guess it had to be done. For her to be so broken up at what maybe a common sight the deeper they went would be a problem. I’m sure he felt as if he had to push her to see if she could keep up and take it. The last thing he seems to want is a liability. That said, yea he was an asshole. But then again nothing motivates people like anger and it totally worked for her.

I’m glad she was able to keep her cool with him and keep going. The slaughter ahead of them was really well done. I was surprised and happy at how Goblin Slayer immediately put to use his new parties abilities. I love it when fantasy fiction puts to use a combination of spells to get things done. Best of all it was surprisingly a stealthful affair. I though this was going to turn into a big bloody free for all in the darkness. I’m glad it didn’t turn into that. The stealth approach made perfect sense and ended up being just as brutal. I loved Goblin Slayer’s impressions on his party. They were all really impressed with his skills in battle and his dedication to the grim task at hand.

goblin-slayer-chapter-7-feature goblin-slayer-chapter-7-character-realization

One of the best parts of this chapter was seeing the elf’s reaction leading up to, during and after the goblin slaughter. What was something she looked forward to as she was dripping with vengeance soon enough became an exhausting, and draining task. Her reaction to it all was marvelous. Killing a hated foe was easy at first. Then slaughtering them by the dozen, all the while being covered in the their blood and surrounded by the death surprised and drained her as it all went on. It was no small number of goblin they had to slaughter. Her shock at what Goblin Slayer’s life is like was justified. This is what he does, this is his life. He slaughters methodically, mercilessly and seemingly without end. It’s fascinating to see how the world views him. It’s even more so when you consider just how needed he is to do this.

The Ogre…. Yea I’m excited for this fight! I bet there are more goblins waiting in the back of the cave. How will this fight go down? Is here pure brute strength or will there be magic? Are there support casters we need to worry about? What if there are goblin healers in the area? Will there be Elvin reinforcements? Will all of our party members make it? Will he go down quickly thanks to our parties abilities? Who knows….

Once again I am left wanting more. Goblin Slayer is a dark fantasy manga that I hope inspires the next generations of dark fantasy writers. I love it.




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