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IS The Demon Prince of Momochi House Volume 2 WORTH YOUR TIME?




This was an interesting read.  

The Demon Prince of Momochi House volume 2 continues right where chapter one finished off. Himari deals with the fall out of chapter one’s big ending reveal. This was an interesting and sorta slow volume for her because most of what she goes through in this chapter is in her own head. She is trying to come to terms not just with this crazy spirit filled house, but her many different feeling for Aoi. Guilt, respect, pity, love and annoyance are all fighting inside of the head of this sixteen year old girl. Maybe it’s because I’m an adult reading this, but I started to find myself frustrated with her not just going to talk to everyone else and getting the whole story.

While this is going on the original residents are dealing and adjusting to this newfound landlord. Some of it felt a lil cliché, but there were some interesting moments and as always there was more world building to be had. I’m enjoying having more cast members added to the demon house. As is the world feels like it is full of potential, but lacking in a way. Hopefully each volume of this continues to add more to it all.

I think I’m just in a rush as a reader just waiting for a big ole info dump. That said The Demon Prince of Momochi House is keeping me well on the hook with intrigue. Right when things started to feel formulaic and a bit boring boom the stakes are raised and the manga looks like it might get darker. I find myself hoping The Demon Prince of Momochi House becomes dark. I can certainly see that happening considering the subject matter. Also it would just be refreshing to have this go from a teen romance book to something more. As it was starting to feel a bit meh. I’m not saying that to be to harsh, but things started to feel, again, formulaic in a way. The volume’s big shocker certainly shook things up and renewed my enthusiasm.

We are  starting to see different sides of the rest of the cast as well. While Aoi is a slow burn, he seems to be realizing he has feelings for Himari. ust what kinda feelings, I’m not sure. It’s kinda nice and sad to see this play out because this is the first person he has been in contact with in years. This comes after he probably resigned himself to being alone. Now his counterpart Nue gets a lil tiny, edie, beedy, bit of possible development. That made me happy as well.

The art continues to magnificent and the translation seems spot on. The Demon Prince of Momochi House volume 2 was a good read and I recommend this.



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