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First off if you haven’t yet, go read our spoiler free reviews of chapter one chapter two and chapter 3 then decide if this is for you.

Chapter 8 of Goblin Slayer starts off running at full speed and doesn’t let up. I love it. The story picks up right on the last chapter’s cliff hanger introduction of a new enemy and it does not disappoint. Despite all of the skirmishes and fights we have had in the previous 7 chapters, Goblin Slayer raises the bar once again with an epic faceoff against a new threat. The action is brutal yet smooth and the threat is the kinda nuts.

The ogre doesn’t disappoint and neither does the newly formed team of goblin hunters. I have to say this chapter threw a bit of a loop because it didn’t start off as I expected and the fight didn’t either.  If this is a small sample of what is yet to come in the world of Goblin Slayer’s enemies then color me excited. Where the traditional goblin enemies have been tricky yet cunning, they have always been deemed a minor threat. This new foe proves just how large that threat gap is as he holds his own against our team of heroes.

The chapter never skips a beat with non-stop action and as always the art is perfection. The ending to this chapter had me screaming aloud…

Time to impatiently wait for next month and see what happens next.  Uggg… I love this series, but I find myself hating the wait every month for new chapters. I am hooked.










So let’s talk about that introduction to the ogre.

Dude was immediately shown as utterly destroying two seemingly high level awesome looking characters. Then he goes to work immedialty taking apart our team who can seemingly barely keep up. All the while insulting them and being outraged that our hero has no idea what he is up against.

I love that he is a smart ogre. They are usually idiots in most of the fantasy stories I’ve read. Having a powerful and intelligent enemy right off the bat is cool. Then making him also be an insanely powerful magic user was amazing. He really is a huge threat. This helps reinforce why goblins are deemed small fries in this screwed up world. The final awesome moment from the ogre so far was his self regeneration that he pulled out after catching an arrow to the eye. I mean wow.  Right when it looks like team work was going to win out here, bam… No. Eye comes back from the arrow that took it out and his skin can’t be cut by their weapons.  This is bad.

I kinda found it cool and yet totally stupid that Goblin Slayer just charges into the fight despite not knowing anything about the enemy. He usually thinks things through but here I guess he decided that asking questions just wasn’t an option. I did enjoy how wrecked he was after taking a hit from the ogre. It made sense considering how the first knight in the intro page was crushed by the ogre’s attack. Having our hero not being able to move and needing healing was great. All to often in manga heroes are able to take mind boggling amounts of damage and brush it off. Here our hero was down and seemingly almost dead. If the priestess wasn’t nearby he may have quickly died. Even after a few potions and help our hero could barely walk. I wonder if there will be lasting consiquenses considering the beating he just took?

What about the rest of the goblins? Are there more around the fighting area? Are there more threats there like a shamen or high level goblins? This is looking really bad for our heroes and the only hope they seem to have is that spell that our hero has been saving. I kinda don’t like that it’s being used so soon, but at the same time this is a threat our team is just not able to handle.

Ugh.. the cliffhanger was insane and once again I find myself waiting for the next issue to arrive.



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