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So what’s next?


I’ve been thinking about this and over thinking about this since December. On the one hand more of the same seems to make sense. Just keep plugging away and hope the fan base pics up. So far it’s been working and it’s been a fun ride.

On the other hand complacency seems dangerous. I feel like if I don’t add more to Nardio it will never really make it. I want this to be more than a hobby. I need this to be. Last year we dabbled with cosplay and it was a roaring success. We also covered a bunch of events in NYC and found it to be very rewarding. Most of the time.

The fast answer is more content. Seven days a week would be a good starting point. I’d like to be able to make enough content to keep people coming back every day. So let’s try that!

More game news makes sense as well. I get press releases all of the time. Most of the time it’s kinda crap, but every once in a while it’s interesting. Maybe hunt the interesting news down? This one is really hard, but I am going to try.

Hope section?
Maybe have inspiring stories or cute things or just stuff that makes the day go by easier.  The world is depressing as hell right now. The news especially, maybe try and make a Sunday Funday and or inspiring. I dunno.

International cosplay interviews?

I’m going to try and get in contact with talented cosplayers from all over the world and try and get them to do interviews. Show off their fave pics and share their stories.

Bring back Interesting Interviews?

This is something that I am working on now. I think starting in March I want to make it happen again on a weekly or monthly basis. Stock piling interviews now.

Bring back book reviews?

Yea, why not? I still have access to review copies and my book backlog is insane. Let’s go through these together.


Here is my 7 day plan so far:

Sunday Funday: Funny YouTube pics and or light hearted posts/news.

Manga Monday: Same as usual. Maybe add Manga news?

Tuesday: Game review. Same as usual. Maybe add game news?

Wednesday: Cosplay Interview day. Maybe ad Convention news?

Thursday: Anime Review. Maybe add anime news?

Friday: Visual Novel Reviews. Now I’m not quite sure where I’d find VN news, but I can try.

Saturday:  Caturday! Cat stuff. Maybe have book reviews come back and do them on Saturday.


I guess in between I can try and sprinkle in world and local news that I find interesting and is lighthearted. My world of Warcraft guides on the site are still getting me a good amount of hits so I may do more of those.

I have some other news that might be really interesting, but as of right now it’s in the planning, negotiating phase and until it pans out it’s not worth mentioning. (Fingers crossed)

I’m not sure what else I can do, but for now this seems like a plan. I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for sticking around and supporting my little dream. It means the world to me. Your support has been amazing and is what keeps this site going.


Have a happy 2017!

Bernardo M. Español



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