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A little while ago we got back into Instagram to keep up with our fave cosplayers and to find new ones to follow. Well, it became a little more interesting for us. There were cats! Tons and tons of adorbs kittays that we found ourselves in love with. On of our fave Instagram accounts to follow is love2foster.

The account is perfection. Amazing photography shots  of adorbs kitties. I love this channel almost too much. They are constantly uploading new super duper adorable pics that not only make me go awww, but also go WOW!

Look at the hashtags. They are promoting what matters #Adoptdontshop. There are too many animals in shelters and rescue organizations that need homes. There is no need to buy from puppy/kitty mills or breeders. Shelter animals are just as lovable and amazing as any pet you can buy from a store.

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That is some great high speed photography right there. There are tons more pics to check out as well as their Facebook page. If you love what they do and want to support them you can purchase some cat toys from their wishlist. I already pitched in and got them something. How could I not?

I hope you love these little furballs as much as I do. Thanks so much love2foster for taking the time to foster and share your wonderful work. I can’t tell you how many times a day I open my Instagram and smile just because of this wonderful account. Thanks for also promoting the adopt don’t shop message. You do wonderful work.

*The feature image is from love2foster’s Facebook page.


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