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I came across this interesting platformer coming out next week, and you know what? It looks really fascinating. You play as the evil villain who has to kidnap and then get away with the princess. The thing is, once you get your filthy mitts on the princess things change. Each princess changes the way you play the game. Check out some info from the dev’s press page:

The Gameplay


  • The best laid plans will go awry. And sometimes kidnapping the princess can become… complicated.
  • A princess with wings might make you lighter than air while carrying her. One composed of pure energy might supercharge your abilities just by being in close proximity.
  • A scorching princess may have an adverse effect on your suit and do strange things to your explosive ammo.



Crazy huh? I kinda like the idea. Now I’ve watched only the trailers, but it seems like each princess, and her corresponding powers will be a stage only effect. Also, the boss fights are given a twist here. Instead of fighting some crazy boss wearing and or wielding some crazy contraption, now you are the boss wielding the crazy contraption and have to beat the heroes. Check out the boss battles trailer below:

This is super interesting because you are given this crazy weapon that you need to master in order to beat said, heroes. I like the twist. It’s a fun way to force some crazy limitation/power onto a player randomly and yet have it make sense. Because of course, you would wield some crazy superweapon with some obvious weak point, because you are the villain. Now to protect said weak spot. I like it. Check out some more info straight from Nefarious’s Steam page:

Unleash a little anarchy! Tired of playing the hero? Experience the adventure from the other side of the coin with Nefarious! Play as the villain for a change and wreak chaos as you kidnap princesses from five different kingdoms who alter game play in unique ways. Stomp on heroes through several iconic battles recreated with you as the boss!

Nefarious is a 2d-animated action platformer, where your objective on each stage is to kidnap a princess and then escape with them! Heroes will attempt to thwart you, and many things may not go quite as expected.

Key Features

  • Lovingly crafted 2d animation and illustrated backdrops.
  • Reverse boss fights let you fight the hero.
  • Globe hop between five different kingdoms and even more distinct locations.
  • Unlock several ammo types for your grenade launcher
  • Mix and match customization options for 10+ variations on your explosive punches.
  • Mystery and Intrigue, that if uncovered, unlocks a secret ending!
  • Engage in a comedic story exploring and deconstructing the video game trope of princess kidnapping.


I have a lot of questions, but this is definitely something that’s being added to my wishlist. I like how this is going for a comedic feel with the overall game. That point about deconstructing the tropes has me curious. Is it going to be funny, lame or preachy? Will the gameplay hold up to my expectations and hopes? The backgrounds look a lil busy so I worry about not seeing enemy projectiles. I dunno, but Nefarious is coming out next week, and I am excited.




Nafarious Game Website
Storyboard artist, Animator, and creator of Nefarious Twitter: @JoshHano
Publisher: Starblade
Developer: Starblade
Genre: Adventure, Platformer, Kidnapper Simulator



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