Vet Ranch Saves a Kitten With Two Broken Legs


A little while ago I stumbled upon Vet Ranch on YouTube and fell in love. A few years ago a vet nicknamed Dr. Matt started to document himself helping and saving animals at his clinic. He then used the YouTube revenue and later on donations to continue to save more animals and opened it up to more vets so that they could participate. This effort was named Vet Ranch. The channel has dozens of videos that are sad, heartwarming and inspiring.

They show animals being fixed up and nursed back to health. Some of these cases are as simple as mange or colds and others are as severe as vicious animal abuse.

Vet Ranch takes the time, effort and money to fix these animals up and give them a fighting chance to get adopted. Most of these animals would sadly be euthanized otherwise.

Check out one of these heartwarming videos below and if possible donate to the nonprofit Abandoned Pet Project to help fund Vet Ranch.

Wait a sec, Abandoned Pet Project?

A little while ago Dr. Matt teamed up with Abandoned Pet Project to handle the non-profit and money side of things so he and his fellow vets could focus more of their time on what matters, helping the animals.

Heartwarming right?

If you want to help, Vet Ranch be sure to check out the videos on their YouTube page here and have your AdBlock off. I know ads suck, but they help Vet Ranch. You can also donate through Abandoned Pet Project here. Be sure to also check out Vet Ranch’s Facebook page and Instagram page. Tons more heartbreaking and heartwarming pics and stories there.

Now some of the pictures and videos there can be a bit graphic as they show injured animals and surgeries. Personally, I don’t care to see pictures of maimed animals on my social media. I find it to be randomly disturbing and kinda rips me out of my day. But when I am curious to see what Vet Ranch has been up to I visit their pages and see all the good they do. It could be hard to watch at times, but so is animal rescue. Someone has to do it and we all need to be aware of the struggle to save lives and, sadly, how cruel some people can be. Things like that, while hard to see, help me at least know what places like Vet Ranch, Animal Care Centers of New York City and other animal rescue groups do and deal with every day. I thank them all for it.


Remember folks:

Adopt don’t shop!


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