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First off if you haven’t yet, go read our spoiler free reviews of volumes one and two then decide if this is for you.

The Demon Prince of Momochi House Volume 5 is a good read, but it also has some parts that drove me kinda bonkers. Overall the story still manages to stay interesting, entertaining and captivating, but there will be one part in the story that will make zero sense. I don’t know if it’s bad translation or bad writing, but it bugged me. That said  the rest of volume 4 managed to give me more of what I love in the series.

Volume four has us explore a bit more about one of our character’s past while giving us oddles of amazing art. It’s summer time in the Momochi house and since they don’t have any electricity there, that means no AC! Yep, summer fun stuff happens here. Besides that lil wonkey part I mentioned above, I really enjoyed this. Is the mystery problem I found a big enough problem that I won’t recommend this? No.  Tons more interesting stuff happens here that I am still very much hooked. Be prepared to totally get invested in one of our more quieter characters and maybe even start a new ship?


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Lets chat about The Demon Prince of Momochi House Volume 5

Ok so that backstory on Yukari was really interesting. Poor guy had an effed up past that ends up with him being a servant. Sure he is happy, but happy compared to what? I’m really hoping he gets some time away from Momochi house and gets to experience the world. Heck, I’m starting to ship him a bit with our heroine. Girl needs someone who is actually interested in her. Aoi ends the issue by friend zoning her. Sure we all know he is doing it to protect her, but damnit I am tired of seeing that poor girl wear her heart on her sleeve for nothing.

Ok, lets talk about Himari offering, out of nowhere to sacrifice her soul. Her fucking soul. A soul that seems to matter in a world of spirits, demons and whatnot.  Bam, no questions asked she offers herself up as if she is entering a giveaway…. What?

She volunteers as tribute!


Then after being rightly told hell no by Aoi and everyone else that that is a dumb ass idea…. they put the dumb girl into a boat and literally ship her ass off to soul death..


How is this a good idea?!??!?!?!


I get that she is trying to be the selfless hero here, but this is all sorts of stupid. The fact that Aoi/Nue allow this is just infuriating. I have no idea what the author was thinking here, but damnit if I didn’t hate this part. Also, where did they get this boat? It’s just there….


I’m sorry this part just hella irks me.

The rest of the volume was fine. I love how Kasha is teasing all sorts of darkness. Did Nue just kill two people for him? Did Kasha help set all this up? What is it about this series that has me wishing it would stop teasing me and just go dark. Sure I enjoy the teeniebopper romance, but dammit you know the author can flip this story in a second to Madoka Magica levels in a second with this world she is playing in.


Agree? Disagree? Write your comments below.

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