Lets Celebrate Main Coons!


You know I wasn’t always a fan of Maine Coons. Something about the longer faces a bit off putting for me. Not to mention the super giant sizes these fur balls can reach. A bit intimidating honestly.

Yes I said that.

I love cats but it took me a little while to get comfy with at times scratch happy furballs. It didn’t help that I was raised with a bunch of cats who weren’t themselves raised right. Fast forward a few years and being around and raising my own well behaved furballs and that lil fear is for the most part gone. As far as the lil long noses, well I kinda like that now. It’s part of the Main Coon charm. It’s especially cute with the kittens. Check out Palmiracoon on Instagram for lots and lots and lots of amazing cute Main Coon pics. Check out a sample of them below


Happy Caturday!



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