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So far I’ve only played this on my Android cellphone. It’s also available for iOS.



Towaster Swipe is a fast, fun and fresh action puzzle game that requires fast reflexes and a bit of patience.

Indie game dev Aur is fast becoming one of my favorites. Fresh off two gems that I found myself in love with, Toaster Swipe is another light hearted game that will sucked me in. Much like Cave Blast and Iron Snout, Toaster Swipe is a deceptively simple yet engaging game. There is real depth here and demand for player skill. Toaster Swipe has you controlling an adorable toaster, yes I just wrote that, as you navigate increasingly challenging levels with swipe controls.

Toaster Swipe, swipe controls works wonderfully. The swiping is weird at first, but as soon as you quickly get the hang of it, it’s second nature. The levels go from simple to devious, but never sadistic. So far there are 34 official levels, but more are being added day by day.

What helps Toaster Swipe rise above the rest for me this week, is it’s level editor and community created levels. Yup, you have the ability to make your own levels, and I gotta say it’s pretty fun and addictive. I think I have spent more time making levels than I have playing the game at this point and I am totally ok with that. Community levels of course range from fun, to dumb, but they add a bit of variety into the mix. Personally, I can see myself just making levels for friends and vice versa and challenging each other to beat em.

Toaster Swipe is a Freemium game, but don’t worry, ads are not an issue at all for the game. Every few playthoughs you will get an adorable warning that an ad is coming and you are then given a short video ad. Thankfully it seems advertisers have given up on the long obnoxious ads that used to dominate the scene ages ago. The ads never felt, forced, intrusive or punishing. More like a small break in between the action.

If the fun levels and level editor aren’t enough to keep you coming back, well, one we can’t be friends. Two, the more you play, the more adorable costumes you unlock for your toaster. Right now I am a Picachu inspired toaster and I love it.




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