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Is Welcome to the Ballroom Volume 3 Worth Your Time?


What Did We Think Without Spoiling It?

After the cliffhanger ending from Volume 2, Welcome to the Ballroom Volume 3 brings about the¬†first real competition for Tatara. As always, the artwork is astounding and incredibly detailed. You can feel the motion through the pages thanks to the artist’s ability to portray the dance moves, facial expressions and clothing. Who would have thought dance competitions could be so exciting?

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It’s not just the artwork though, the characters and story really bring the manga to life. You can’t help but feel the same tension, disappointment, fear, anger and elation as the characters. Tatara’s reactions and emotions are palpable. I also appreciate the fact the author doesn’t make Tatara invincible. He still makes mistakes and, as a beginner, his techniques are still sloppy. It’s refreshing to see a shounen manga where the lead just barely squeaks by prelims. I also enjoyed the fact that because he was a beginner, he barely had enough stamina to make it through the first portion of the competition. It makes sense and I’m glad the author put this much attention to detail into the manga.

Besides Tatara, you also get to learn more about his current dancing partner. Despite it being only a couple hundred pages long, you get some excellent character development and arc. I really hope these two stay together as partners.

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It’s difficult to review a manga without giving away too much. After all, the enjoyment comes from experiencing the ups and downs alongside Tatara and crew. I’m excited to see how much he can develop and what other challenges pop up. How much further will he make it?

Was it Worth the Money?

Heck yes. Welcome to the Ballroom Volume 3 is a great read and I’m just sad that the volumes aren’t long.


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