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Just get this. Make sure to get volumes onetwothree and four first.

First off there was an issue with the original digital sale of this volume. Yen Press and Amazon quickly fixed it, but people who preordered it had to wait about a day for the volume to be fixed. Amazon emailed  affected buyers with a workaround and an apology for the problem. That is going to explain the many one star reviews. It is for the most part fixed now for me. The only issue I have now is the cover doesnt properly show in my Kindle library. I am sure that will soon get fixed. Recently Yen Press started publish to Comixology and I think there was a mix up with the files. I think my Kindle got a Comixology file.

That said the volume released was a great read. Don’t let the one star reviews scare you away. 

Tachibana Rintaro’s (Rin) heads back to school after taking a bit of a break over  school vacation. By break I mean last chapter’s near fight to the death and having to deal with two livly stalkers/love interests. Things have been hilariously tough for our hero and I am happy to say things still haven’t slowed down at all.  I dare say in fact that volume six of Dragons Rioting almost goes to fast. Almost.

Rin is back at school and with his wonderful luck finds himself in the middle of a fight and then in possession of something that draws even more attention to him. For a guy can die if a woman gets to close that is a huge problem. The volume speeds happily along and introduces us to a bunch of new characters along with backstories and new reasons for everyone to throw down and fight. Best of all we get some interesting new love interests for our hero. I gotta say this volume really surprised the heck out of me. With so much going on you think  there would be something wrong, but no. It’s just perfect Dragons Rioting and I love it.

I wholeheartedly recommend the new volume to fans.















I already miss Rin and dad time. Those two characters adored each other and also played wonderfully off of each other. I was really hoping dad made time to visit the school or maybe even pick a fave from last issues love interest choices. To my complete surprise the volume almost totally got rid of Ayane. This was shocking and refreshing because I thought she was going to be a mainstay. I love this choice. Thanks to Rin being able to explore the campus solo he was able to meet more characters and develop a few more love interests. The new ninja love interest was just great and wonderfully tropey. I really hope we get to see more of her as the series goes on.

The fights were interesting, but not very drawn out. This was more of a move from one crazy event to another issue leading to the big throw down and declaration of Rin deciding to be a dragon. In one way I am happy he  made the choice, it seemed kinda obvious, but on the other hand I don’t see a point in it. He isn’t  going to change anything. He tried by destroying the statue, and yet he failed to really take notice that no one cared. They were going to fight regardless. In the end I don’t care to much, as long as things stay interesting and funny the manga can continue to do what it pleases.

Rino and Rin  have some great time together early. I get the feeling she knows about Rin’s special problem and is teasing him. It also seems a bit flirtatious as well. Could this be another shippable couple? I’m not sure yet. Rino hasn’t had much character development yet. Maybe next volume we will get a chance to learn a bit more about her. I do love how she was fussing over his outfit. That made me chuckle.

All that said my other fave love interest for Rin, Rurina had a tiny amount of time to shine in the end with an ecchi joke chapter that I am pretty sure isn’t cannon. I hope it isn’t because if so Rin seems more annoyed with her than even friendly. Poor Rurina.





The wait until the next volume is released.



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