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MacBat 64 is a love letter to late 90’s 3d platformers. It surprisingly works well to hit those nostalgia buttons… but don’t expect much more.


Macbat 64 is a retro inspired and designed 3d platformer that was recently released. It’s a true love letter to when the genre was first introduced. Think old rare games and Spiro. For gamers like me who where around when these games first came out, this is retro gaming candy goodness. It is a fun game and yet it is also a fast game. A really, really short and fast game. To beat the “main game” of Macbat 64 you need less than an hour. For a $5.00 game that seems a bit underwhelming when you stop and over think it. That said, I only felt that way afterwards when I started on this review.

Macbat 64 is an unbelievable easy, straightforward and simple, yet surprisingly fun. I was in a good mood the whole time I played the game and it really felt like I was hanging out with an old friend. Macbat 64 will make a wonderful game for children who haven’t yet discovered the joys of 3d platforming. It’s simple, clean and kid friendly. There is more to Macbat 64 than just the 3d platforming. A few levels have you doing different things, but not much. Just sort of like a bare bones nods to other games. Mario 64 racing, Yoshi’s Island platforming, etc.

The music is great and so are it’s sound effects. I found myself really getting into the game. Of course the graphics are also retro but they work great for what they are. Everything is clear and the enemy and level design are really interesting. Sure it’s all a bit spartan, but it works. The more I played Macbat 64, the more I relized and remembered games don’t really need all the extra texture whistles and life like backgrounds. They don’t need crazy AI or most of what we expect from today to be fun. They just need to be designed well. Macbat 64 is very well designed. I had a smile on my face as I played it and I had a smile on my face when I handed the controller over to my partner later on.

Macbat 64 is retro by design and revels in it. From it’s classic graphics that still works to it’s CRT like display, the game is trying to give players that classic look. Sure this could have been made to fit my HD screen, but it doesn’t need to. It doesn’t want to. It’s retro look and feel is what makes it stand out. Thankfully there is some decent platforming and levels to make use of the design. There are tons of call backs here to another time and it helped keep a smile on my face as I breezed through the game. It was relaxing really.

Unfortunately adults looking for some old school challenge to go along with that old school look and feel of the game are going to absolutely hate this. I have to say I honestly believe the developers should have been upfront with the lack of difficulty and the short experience. I can imagine a lot of people buying this game are going to be pissed at how short it is and how terribly simple the game is. I can see the dev getting hit with a lot of refunds.

This is seriously short.

There isn’t much replay here. There is a tiny bit. But not much. After clearing the bonus levels and finding a few hidden items in game you unlock wings that essentially let you fly forever. This helps you skip most of a bunch of levels and beat them even faster. That isn’t saying much, but it’s sorta neat. You can also find some Easter eggs shaped like Easter eggs that take you to some strange and sadly unfinished levels. Not much of a point to these areas besides for a quick cool moment when you first look at them. Soon enough you discover how empty and unfinished they are. They feel like empty filler.

Macbat 64 feels like a proof of concept or a demo when I stop and over thought it all. Each level feels like the first really easy intro level to what was supposed to be several levels worth of retro gaming fun. It teases you, makes you happy and then just moves on to the next level/nod to old school games.

Is it worth it?

This is a tough one for me, but in the end I am still going to recommend this game. I had fun with it. Sure it was short, but it worked for me. The levels that were available were polished. Sure this could have been much longer, but when you really stop and think about it, $5.00 for a solid hour of gaming that sort of miraculously felt complete works for me. I had a good time with this, but I also feel as if the developer should mention on the Steam story page just how short this game is. It’s also good to kill an hour with if you understand its a one and done affair. On the one hand I feel bad saying something this short is ok, but on the other hand, it’s cheaper than two tv episodes for me to buy or a cup of fancy coffee or tea when I’m out and about. This is where I really start to think and over think value and gaming. Sorry for the rant, but  yea, I had fun with Macbat 64 and at the end of the day I don’t regret spending $5.00 on this. I just hope the developer gives us a beefier experience for the next game.




  • $4.99
  • A little over one hour of gameplay
  • Retro 3d Platformer
  • Old CRT look
  • Great for kids






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