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It’s cosplay  time. For this, the month of our five year anniversary, I wanted to expand our cosplay coverage to amazing cosplayers around the world. Just like in our regular cosplay interviews, I looked for talented cosplayers whose works made me say wow and spend time admiring their pictures and talent. This month I have a wonderfully diverse group of cosplayers. I am proud of each and every one of these interviews and delighted to share their stories and work.

I am very happy to present our next international cosplayer interview – Atsu Cosplay from France.

As I was stalking around Facebook looking for talented cosplayers I stumbled across her page and thought to myself “OMG she loves a bunch of the obscure cosplay stuff that I love!”

Photo by: Japan Kyutsu This pic kills me. I have been hoping to see someone cosplay this for ages!

Atsu is a self taught cosplayer whose work is magnificent and it just keeps getting better. After reading the interview responses I got back from her I worship her skill even more. This woman is naturally talented and her cosplays are fun. Read the interview below and you will totally understand why this is a cosplayer that you need to be following.

Enjoy my friends!


Photo by Japan Kyutsu


Atsu Cosplay


Can you please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from?

Hi, I’m Atsu! I am a French, 24 years old cosplayer who has been cosplaying for five years.


What got you into cosplay and can you tell us a bit about what your first experience cosplaying was like?

I discovered the cosplay at my 1st convention, and I found it really great that people were able to embody and become their favorite characters. Seeing people do that really made me want to do cosplay.

Perona, my first cosplay

My 1st cosplay experience was Perona of One Piece (I find so many faults with this cosplay when I look at it now ahah). I loved being able to wear the costume of a manga character. To take pictures and meet other cosplayers. Since then I have become totally addicted to cosplay!

What do you like about cosplay?

I like to spend time making my cosplay and see it come together, little by little. I’m so happy when I finish one, that I can’t wait to wear. I also love embodying the character, taking photos, performing on stage and of course sharing this passion with my friends by doing cosplay groups with them

What was the first convention you attended?

It was Japan Expo in Paris in 2008.

How often do you cosplay?

I wear my cosplays almost only at conventions and for photo shoots.

How many conventions do you try to attend every year?

As many as possible! 🙂 On average I go to about 10, but I would like to go to more. I especially like new conventions where I have never been before. I must say that Connichi in Germany tempts me a lot!

What do you like about going to conventions?

Meeting other cosplayers, seeing my friends, wearing cosplay, taking photos and also going on stage to do performances. I find it all really fun.

What are your thoughts on the cosplay community?

As in any community, there are good and bad sides. There are sometimes people who will judge others based on their on appearance or degrade people. Fortunately, these people are only a minority. Cosplay is for everyone and its to have fun above all. I find that overall, the cosplay community is really nice. We help each other and give advice. We can make wonderful encounters and experiences.

Are there any cosplayers you admire or are inspired by?

Yes, of course. There are several cosplayers that I admire. There is the well known Reika, but especially Hushy Plushy Cosplay that beautifully embodies the characters that he cosplay and Seme Cosplay which is just adorable and super talented!

Are there any cosplayers you would like to promote here and recommend we check out?

Well apart from Hushy Plushy Cosplay and Seme Cosplay, I would say Roll Cosplay or Yumai Cosplay

Do you have any fond memories of cosplaying that stands out?

Yes, of course. I would say my 1st real solo performance in cosplay contest with my Kiichi, with whom I received my first prize, it was really a great experience. Also my first shoot at sea last summer with a group Mermaid Melody (I was in Coco). It was really great! Then there is also my last big cosplay, my Nike version duchy of the rain (from the manga Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii) which is a cosplay that was particularly close to my heart and for which I really applied myself.

Photo by: Prof. Okashi

You make your own beautiful cosplays, how did that start? Are there any cosplay builds that you are particularly proud of? How did you learn to do this?

Well, the characters I wanted to do are not very well known (I think at my 1st Cosplay done entirely by me from A to Z, Natsume from Natsume Yuujinchou but version Houzukigami) so I had no other choice Than to do it myself. Then there is the pride of saying that I did it myself, so I continued to do my cosplay myself. I did not know how to sew at first, and I never took courses. I sewed instinctively, and continue to sew like this. I almost never use tutorials. I just draw on an A4 paper how I see the garment before it is sewn and then I redraw it in real size directly on the fabric.

For now the cosplay I am most proud of is my Nike version duchy of the rain. I spent a lot of time so that it was as clean as possible, especially on the sleeves and the hat. I am also very proud of my Ryuu (Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei vu-love) with her little shorty and her little pink shoes.

Cosplay is a hard and expensive hobby, how do you stay motivated when the going gets tough?

I work and manage to put money aside to finance my cosplay. It’s my passion, sometimes it can be a little frusting, I am never demotivated :)!

What materials would you recommend for beginners when making cosplays? Any online tutorials you would like to link to?

Well for beginners I advise to start with simple projects and avoid fabrics. If you have to, Cotton or burlington is a really easy to work fabric.

Are you a gamer? If so what games/genres do you enjoy? Anything you recommend that we try out?

Ahah I’m not a big gamer But there is a game that I like very much and which I have one of the characters as a project. It’s called Muramasa the Demon Blade.

You seem like an anime fan judging by your magnificent choices of cosplay. What sorts of anime do you like? Any recommendations? What is your favorite anime of all time?

I am indeed a big fan of anime. I like all styles, especially those with a bit of fantasy/magic and adventure. I especially story rich animes with interesting characters. I have favorite animes that I love very much: Natsume Yuujinchou, Chihayafuru and Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii.

What do you do for fun when you aren’t cosplaying?

I don’t have much free time, as I work and cosplay eats up my time. I do try to enjoy my weekends a bit when I can. Usually, that means either, staying quietly at home in front of a good manga or going out to see my friends.

What cosplays are you hoping and or planning on doing this year?

I have a lot of projects, some I am going to keep secret for now. 😉
These are my big projects: I plan to make a new version of Nike (Soredemo Sekai a Utsukushii), Fye (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle), Kaname (Macross Delta), Shaolan (Card Captor Sakura). Currently I’m doing Umi (Magic Knight Rayearth), Reinhard (Re Zero) and Utau (Shugo Chara).

Photo by: Japan Kyutsu

What encouragement would you tell someone who is shy and nervous but wants to get into cosplay?

Do not hesitate and go! Cosplay is really great. You can be whoever you want by embodying the character! This is really a good way to overcome his shyness! ^^

What advice would you give someone who just started cosplay?

Do not hesitate to go to other cosplayers to ask for advice and also get to know them. If you want to take pictures to immortalize your cosplay, the photographers are there for that, and just ask them if they can make some pictures with you.

Photo by: Hervé Wolfer Photos

How do you go about creating a costume when you have decided on what to do? Do you have a regular plan by now or do you wing it?

I honestly go by instinct. I visualize in my head what it should look like as a detached piece, then I draw it on a sheet. I do the same with all the different parts of the costumes that I create. Finally, I cut out my tissues directly. This may sound weird, but I do not use a boss guide.

What conventions are you planning on attending this year?

As of right now, I plan on going to: Japan Tours Festival (26 February), Made in Asia (in Belgium, 4 and 5 March), Paris-Manga (25 and 26 March), Japan Party (1 and 2 April) , Epitanime (3 and 4 June), Japan Expo (6,7,8 and 8 July), Harajuku (September), Paris-Manga (november)
Thank you 🙂



Atsu Cosplay Facebook

Atsu Cosplay World Cosplay


Photo Credits:

Prof. Okashi ( I can’t find the FB page)




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