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Today I came across an interesting game on Steam Greenlight: 0000.

0000 is an interesting looking platformer that screams doable retro inspired challenge. I can totally see myself sinking a few hours into this game. Check out the info copied from 0000’s Steam Greenlight page below. If you like what you see please feel free to vote to Greenlight it here.


0000 is a hard-as-nails platformer in which you play as a courageous 1-bit cowboy. With your weapon and awesome double jump, your task is to defeat 100 unique levels. Fear not, in 0000 death is never final. Each failure warps you into a new, randomly selected level, until you conquer them all. What awaits those that get to the end? Err… spoilers, dude!

Let’s hope you’re not scared of deadly lasers or evil robots. How about killer pong-style balls and sharp spikes? You better be up for a challenge.

100 challenging, hand-crafted levels
Each level was made with care and throughouly tested to be challenging but fair.

Hardcore mode
In this mode made for hardcore gamers, players must go through the whole game with one life. Did anyone say achievement?

Minimalist 1-bit art style
Our art-style allows the player to read the levels very quickly, allowing for fast-paced reactions and action-packed gameplay. You don’t like black and white? We have tons of palettes.

Level editor
Create your own levels and upload them into the online pool for people to play. Best of all? Cross-platform level sharing.

Multiplayer race mode
Play through the official levels or download community levels in this mode.

Surreal soundtrack
Yes, you will die to awesome music.

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* This game will be also available on 3DS.

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