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Hey, friends! Cosplay season is upon us.

Katsucon has already come and gone along with Anime Boston and a slew of other cons we weren’t able to get to this year. While we regret not being able to get to them all, we are excited about what is coming up and what we plan on doing.


Castle Point Anime Convention (CPAC)

Aw CPAC, my first anime convention. My first personal introduction to cosplay and the wonderful community behind it. I loved it last year and almost everyone I met there. We were recently invited back to be press, and I gotta say I am super duper excited. We have new equipment, we are bringing more people to cover it, and we now have a huge network of awesome cosplayer friends in the community who will stop by and show us their new stuff as well as help is get more folks for interviews.

CPAC is the con next door for us in Hoboken. A short path train trip away along with a relaxing walk. I love Stevens University’s campus and am praying to the gods old and new for some great weather that weekend. The con isn’t huge, but it is well organized and has a family feeling about it. Almost everyone knows almost everyone, and it’s a great first con.

I am really excited to go back to CPAC with a year’s worth of cosplay coverage experience. While the amazing community helped me feel at ease, I still felt like a fish outta water. I plan on doing much better coverage this year and meeting, even more, friends.


Where CPAC was my first little con, AnimeNext was my first big con. Located in the amazing Atlantic City Convention Center, this was my huge con introduction, and it was flawless. The con was run like a well-oiled machine. Every staff member knew what was where. The lines were long, but they were well organized. The con space was great and well used. People were happy, and the con was amazing. We got an insane amount of content and made, even more, friends. The con was amazing. I cannot possibly heap enough praise on it.

This year AnimeNext is going to be even better for us! We have a hotel room near the convention center and plan on doing even better than we did last year. I am excited to go to another overnight convention, and I am darn glad it’s going to be at AnimeNext.

Liberty City Anime Con

The spunky little con with an insane amount of heart. Where CPAC felt like a family gathering of folks having a chill time, LCAC was the awesome party in that place that didn’t have enough room, but no one cared because we were all too busy having fun and making the best of it.

LCAC is going to be even better this year.

They have a much larger space with better lighting. The staff has been sure to keep con goers up to date with what is happening and best of all: It’s in the heart of NYC! Yup, it’s in Times Square. I can walk home from this con or take a ten-minute subway ride.


Oooooo! The new awesome Con on the block. We don’t know much, but we are aware this is gonna be the first anime focused Con at the New York Javitz Center. The folks running the con have serious Con cred, and the amazing Crunchyroll backs the whole thing. This is happening. We applied as press and hope we get accepted. We love the Javits Center for its wonderful lighting. Best of all it’s in Manhattan, so it’s an easy commute back home. Every single cosplayer I know is going to this convention. We are gonna be there.


This was a chill con. It had a community vibe that was just great. Derpy was my first stay over con, and I had a great time there. The staff was awesome, and the cosplayers were great. Derpy had the small con relaxing feel of CPAC but indoors. I had a really great time there for the most part and am excited to go back.
The big problem right now is DerpyCon and AnimeNYC are happening on the same weekend. To make this work, we are splitting up our staff and hitting both cons. We want to cover both, and we plan on it. We feel that both are too good to pass up. Whatever happens, we plan on bringing you the best cosplay coverage that we can. There are a few more cons we would like to get to, but those are up in the air right now.



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