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This is a wonderful little manga that hits me right in the feels. 


House of the Sun Volume 1 really, really hit close to home for me. As odd as it sounds I totally found myself identifying with our little 17-year-old heroine Mao. Yes, a grown man just said he honestly identified with a 17-year-old girl. I can also say I totally understand and identify with the older male character Hiro. Both leads are well created and easy to understand and empathize with. It was very refreshing reading a story like this to have two such  well developed characters being the leads.

House of the Sun is about two very different families who grew up near each other and the children who befriended each other. Over time the circumstances of both families continue to change and the story really starts to move when it focuses on one child from each family as they get older. I know this sounds like a lot, but it all happens really fast and I am trying my best not to give any spoilers. All that said the way these two people were raised affects the way they handle life and interactions with others. A lot more happens in the manga and I can assure you it’s all good. There is great character introduction, growth and backstory here. I can see this manga going into a lot of directions.

It was fascinating and really rang true for me.

House of the Sun hits home for people like me who weren’t raised in an ideal family situation and shows what it is like when they encounter people who do have “perfect families.” It’s interesting and honest. It never gets dark, but you see the different burdens each character carries because of their situations. As the story developed I was treated to wonderful character growth and really smart writing. The art was also really nice. Classic shojo, but still very well done. I honestly fell in love with this manga and have already bought the followup to read on my Kindle for next week’s review.

This is a great slice of life/coming of age story with a teeny bit of romance sprinkled in. I wholeheartedly recommend this.



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