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This is a wonderful little manga that hits me right in the feels. 


First, immediately go read our review of volume one then buy it.

Just do it.

Trust me.

House of the Sun Volume 2 continues to hit close to home for me. I still identify and love both of the main characters.  Every new character they add to the manga has a surprising amount of depth to them. The things these characters carry with them all are reminiscent of feelings I’ve had and honestly continue to carry. This is a light hearted manga, but it straddles every day problems of loss, abandonment, loneliness and more emotions that don’t normally get talked about, let alone have manga series. I find myself moved and wowed as I read this volume. I loved it. I honestly loved it and immediately bought the third volume as soon as I finished this.

House Of The Sun is a wonderful, light hearted slice of life manga that continues to be amazing. The story moves at a steady pace, yet randomly chunks of important backstory are given to us in just the right amount. Little by little the already well established characters are further fleshed out, making them all that much easier to understand and identify with.

You need to read this.


Volume two gives us more introspection that never feels tedious. More inklings of possible romances that feel natural. More entertaining banter between our leads and finally even more of the perfect writing and art that pulled me in and hooked me from the first volume. This is an amazing followup and just a damned good read.

I honestly don’t have any complaints about this series so far at all. The writing is smart and feels real. I love that I don’t have to have a suspension of disbelief or groan about a characters stupid plot forced decisions. House Of The Sun is just perfect to fall into and relax with on a short trip or a relaxing day at the beach or in bed.

The art is adorable. Just frigging adorable. Sure it looks like the usual YA manga stuff we all know and love, but the characters are easy to tell apart and the little touches here and there just make me smile.






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