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First, immediately go read our review of volume one then buy it.

House of the Sun Volume 4 continues to tug my heartstrings, keep me invested and breaks my heart. We learn about Mao’s father, and the two main characters make huge decisions that affect the lives of everyone around them and best of all the story never dips. This is a damn fine manga.

I am surprised once again at how fast this manga is moving things along. I am really glad this isn’t the normal snail’s pace story telling manga. Confessions are made. People speak up. People are blunt. Things happen and the story is perfection because of it. Way too many popular manga series recently just went on way too damn long because the author got lazy/greedy. (I’m looking at you Naruto, Bleach and Nisekoi!)Best of all it seems no character is being left behind. Every volume brings new depth to this already wonderfully fleshed out cast and makes this world feel all the more alive.

The part with Mao’s dad instantly threw me. The everything later on….ugh… The very last page had gasp. This manga gave me almost to many feels and I loved it. I honestly, wholeheartedly loved it.

The only downside I have with this volume is there is no follow up announced yet on Amazon…. It ends in a giant delicious cliffhanger and there is no followup announced!

No.. please. Please, Kodansha Comics… Don’t do this to me. I need to know what happens next. I need to know how this ends. Please announce the next volume so that I can preorder it. Please take my money.



You need to read this.





Spoilers Below!

Lets chat about this!

Ugh.. I mean that dad story huh? I mean wow. I found myself understanding and sympathizing with the guy for a bit. I mean yea, he is a horrible father. But to have pined for a woman for years, while knowing all of her flaws then finally getting married to her and realizing she never really loved him. Ouch. I mean damn. That was harsh. Brilliantly paced story telling that made me almost have a 180 on the character. At least this volume gives us a bit of hope that dad may have love in his heart. But will that matter or is it just delicious character building? Does he deserve a second chance with his daughter? I honestly don’t know. I wonder if she really even is his daughter?

Ugh.. Mao finding out she is a bastard from a dad who never bothered to see her would probably break her more than a dad who just doesn’t care. I mean both options suck, but I think finding out she isn’t even her dad’s will be much worse.

And that part where Hiro admits to himself that he wants Mao all for himself? Does he really mean it romantically? I get the feeling he is confusing his love and desires. Or maybe Mao’s previous confession got some gears turning that he might not have expressed until that point. I mean living under the same roof with an attractive woman for a few months might bring some attraction. Poor guy has no women around him besides that and his coworker is going way to slow. I dunno.

I kinda hope Mao and Hiro don’t end up together. He gets with his coworker and she finds long much later on. Hopefully, after she sorts out her family problems and maybe dates a little first.



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