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A loli fantasy fantasy set in a fantasy world.

So how do you feel about loli romances? By loli I mean characters that are underage and look it.

Lolis are kind of a big thing in manga. You see a lot of adult characters that look like underage girls, lots of love interests that also are. It’s kind of something you learn to get used to or avoid if you are a fan of manga and anime. Personally, I never have been able to wrap my head around the loli genre or appreciate it. Seeing teenage girls and unfortunately, more often than not children portrayed as love interests and also sexualized never did it for me. Honestly, it just turns me away from a manga. NE NE NE, unfortunately, takes the loli flag and runs with it. The manga stars a teenage girl who could easily pass for a grade schooler that is married to a guy pushing forty.


NE NE NE Chapter 1 fail

I just can’t get into this stuff.

This review is of the very first chapter of this series. 


She wants to be a proper wife to him but is too scared, because obviously. He is a virgin who repeatedly gets flustered by her. He also happens to be someone who works with everyday wonders like spirits, demons, and faeries, but he is flustered by a teenage girl he was forced to marry.

Of course, it’s made clear in the first chapter that he is forbidden from touching her until she is twenty, but I have seen and read plenty of manga’s that started this way before. My guess is, soon enough she will be in various compromising positions and he will always endure. It’s softcore light loli stuff and no matter how interesting the surrounding world around these two characters are I have a feeling this is going to devolve into these two trying to get with each other while sexualizing her as much as possible in a light-hearted manga. At least that is the impression I get from this first chapter.

Granted I could be totally wrong, but so far this intro to the world seems trope and cliche filled. I’ve read it all 100 times before and so far nothing was redeeming enough to make me experiment with the next chapter or volume. Sure the art was nice, but I just can’t get into this sort of book unless there is a massive time skip. Unfortunately while perusing future chapters and volumes it seems she stays a loli throughout the series… No thanks.


I say avoid this one.




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I’m not recommending this.

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