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Tomboys Need Love Too!!

Tomboys Need Love Too!


IS Tomboys Need Love Too! WORTH YOUR TIME?


Tl;dr: Not even worth it if it were free..




This was a huge letdown.

A little while ago I reviewed Wander No More and really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it so much that I looked into other visual novels the creators made.

Enter: Tomboys Need Love Too!

Yes that title is cringe inducing. Sadly so is the rest of the visual novel.

Tomboys Need Love Too!!

Obligatory beautiful childhood best friend the protagonist doesn’t seem to notice.

Tomboys Need Love Too! was not a bad experience per say. Well at least not as bad as a lot of the other steam visual novels I’ve experienced. My first playthrough had a lot of good moments mixed in with a lot of forced cringe inducing moments. Some were believable, some were just annoying. I get that this visual novel takes place with characters who are overdosing on hormones as teenagers, but the writing was so out there at times that I found myself ripped out of the experience way to many times. Even the first playthrough alone where I got the best ending didn’t feel good enough to warrant recommending this visual novel.

That said I did somewhat enjoy finishing the first path. As uneven as it felt, it also felt a bit right. Rushed but right. I could see the potential here and found myself hopeful that the other paths would be done better.

That leads me to the other paths…


Tomboys Need Love Too!!

This was so forced and stupid I just tabbed out for a while and checked my social media.

Some paths just kinda end in an anticlimactic manner and the other “good” path was just painful to get to and read. The writing following the second romantic path was so painfully bad and insanely over dramatic that it was just unbelievable. I write that having encountered plenty of emotionally fucked up people in my life and having lived through a lot of crazy things.

The author goes from sex positive writing, to sort of prudish in the obvious/easy good path… Then goes full on slut shaming, dark, agnsty, and fucked up in the path I am talking about. It just doesn’t work. It was totally uneven and honestly felt like a slapdash of several different writers and stories forced into one visual novel.

I get the feeling that Tomboys Need Love Too! was rushed out and in the end tried and failed to hard and yet not enough to please to many different audiences. There isn’t a solid single voice or tone throughout this entire visual novel. 

The main character plays into the oblivious guy way to hard here considering the events that unfold. When you factor in the super duper stupid spoilery intro video, you already get an idea of what is going to happen really fast. At least with the first easy/best path. I get the feeling the other paths were tacked on.

Speaking of the intro video, who’s stupid idea was it to include most of the important scenes as an opening sequence? 

The art is forgettable and honestly kinda lazy. Each character has one pose, maybe two-three different outfits and the same damn pose. I feel like a few more backgrounds and character poses would have worked better considering the price here. The music was OK, but I could have sworn I heard it all before which I can sort of understand, but it still stings.

The constant reminder to get the 18+ patch was kinda sad.

Now the game seems to be aiming somewhat towards the crowd of folks who like their visual novels with sex and nudity. While not necessarily my thing, I tried it out the visual novel regardless. The first thing you notice when you start this is the Download the 18+ Patch in the bottom of the start screen. Weird, and kinda in your face, but I played through the VN without downloading the patch.

For me the visual novel should be able to stand on it’s own as sold. After finishing the visual novel I found myself thinking there really wasn’t any need for the 18+ adult patch. After downloading it afterwards I found the images to be honestly kinda silly. The extra nudity here and there added nothing to the experience and doesn’t make it any less disappointing.

Tomboys Need Love Too! was a really disappointing experience. Not just because Wander No More was so great, but because the writing here was so bad. There were moments of greatness buried under bad writing. I would find myself smiling and becoming very invested and then totally ripped out of it moments later. This could have been amazing. This should have been amazing.



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