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LaGuardia Corner Gardens


I’ve lived in the West Village in New York City for around eight years. It’s a far cry from all of the horrible places I used to live. Less crime. Nicer people, way to expensive, nicer sights and peaceful. I mean as peaceful as it can be considering it’s a very tourist centric location. Yet compared to the South Bronx it’s idyllic. I found myself forgetting that recently when I was going through a stressful time. Finally one day I went outside and just walked around until I came upon a local community garden. I went in a few times and yet never gave it much though. Sure it was kinda nice, but nothing really made me want to stay. Yet for some reason that day, I went inside and found magic.

LaGuardia Corner Gardens

Welcome to the dream in the heart of NYC. LaGuardia Corner Gardens .

All of a sudden Manhattan and my stress sort of just melted away. I found myself enjoying a wonderful garden in spring and adored it. I took shot after shot and just found myself enamored with it all. I was relaxed. I was at peace. I was thankful to all the volunteers that help maintain this. I was grateful that this was in the heart of the West Village where it was loved and cared for. Were this in the South Bronx, it would be filled with bottles, feces and drug users getting high. But it isn’t. It’s next to my apartment and I forgot all about it for some reason!

This one picture is a wonderful juxtaposition of city and nature. To make it a bit more dreamlike I screwed with it in Photoshop and fell in love. This doesn’t look like a picture of a real city location. It instead looks like a magnificent work of art.

Every since this day I found myself coming back time and time again to relax, gather my thoughts or just forget about everything. Whenever you have a chance and you are in the West Village I recommend that you check out LaGuardia Corner Gardens.


Camera: Canon SX60






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