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Brewer’s Blackbird


The Windy Bird Shot


Brewer’s Blackbird. That is the name of this lil guy. I spent about a half hour in the spring cold by a pier in NYC to get this shot.

I never thought I would be into bird photography before. Heck, I never thought I’d really be into birds. I’m born and raised in New York City. The biggest exposure to birds I’ve had before I got my first camera were pigeons. I never even know what to call the tiny birds next to the pigeons. Yet as soon as I got my Canon SX60 I became obsessed. Everywhere I went with my camera I had an eye out for birds. As time went on I discovered there was more to see in NYC besides pigeons. The city parks were amazing. I happily spend some weekends with pockets full of bird seeds as I took shot after shot of these lil feathered flyers.

This particular day had me near the water on the West side of Manhattan. It was a super cold and windy day and I just wanted to go home. I remember being in a bad mood and lost in a sea of thoughts. All of a sudden I hear these guys chirping away and I found myself transfixed. It was right near that magic golden hour that photographers go nuts for and these birdies looked super nice as the sun hit their feathers in all the right ways. Soon enough I found myself standing still, fighting off the tremors from the cold as I tried to line up just the right shot.

This was a really, really hard shot because it was so windy the branches kept moving along with the birds. Then I had a bunch of smoking tourists decide to stand next to me and see what I was shooting. They then started to shoot flash pics. Not helpful. The birds were darting around back and forth and I think I remember yelling at the tourists to stop using flashes and stop standing close to me if they were going to smoke. (I hate smokers.) It took about a half an hour but I got this shot. When I looked it over in my playback I knew this was the one. I happily put my camera away and went home as fast as I could to edit the shot and get some hot chocolate in me.

I’m happy with this picture. It’s super busy and yet nothing overpowers the shot. I can find myself getting lost in the patterns of the branches. I love the blue that pops from the background. I love how the bird stands prominently in the center of the shot looking awesome. I don’t think I am a good photographer, but I am damn proud of this shot.


Camera: Canon SX60


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