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What the hell am I doing?


In the past few years since I’ve started Nardio, I have taken a lot of pictures. Yet it’s only been since last year when I started to cover cosplay, that I really started put much thought into the pictures I was taking. That I really started to want to learn how to take photos properly. How to take better photos. How to learn. What I needed to learn.

Basically, I found a new way to spend money and drive myself insane, while still giving myself something new to do and find pride in.

I still don’t think I am very good at it, but I have improved a lot. This is mostly thanks to subscribing to Tony & Chelsea Northrup, Adorama, and various other YouTube channels. Also buying Tony Northrup’s DSLR Book: How to Create Stunning Digital Photography

Learning that most of the magic happens in post was a big deal. When we first started taking photos we found ourselves constantly annoyed. Why do my shots suck? Why can’t they look like I saw them? The day we figured out that taking the photo was half the work, was the day things got a lot easier, more interesting and oddly harder.

I needed to buy new programs…. Enter Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Yes, I needed to spend more money…

My two biggest helpers with learning how to edit a picture in post are Tony Northrup’s Lightroom book and YuriFineArt on YouTube. It also helps that I have thrown myself into Lightroom and have been experimenting with photos every chance I get.

Little by little over time, with the help of countless mistakes and frustrations, I have gotten better. Noticeably so. I still screw up, but I am getting there.

Final note about all that training and evolving, I got a new camera. Upgrading from the all in one Cannon SX60 to the Sony a6500 was huge. Ignore what everyone says about cameras not mattering, because they do. They really, really do.

This leads to the picture of the day:

Bernardo Espanol

What the hell am I doing?


I love this pic.

This past Saturday I was out with Jasmine and our pal Jared and walking around Central Park and taking pics. Jas got this shot me of explaining taking a picture of a bird or trying and failing to explain something to Jared and bam, magic. This shot. This shot right here is what I am sure I look like each and every time I am trying to figure something out as I am trying to get a shot.

I love that the camera and hands are what is in focus. Signifying that those are what is important. The sharpness leading back to my head via the strap and there my face is slightly out of focus and yet clearly showing my expression.

Bewilderment. Frustration. Confusion. Focus. Annoyance. Embarrassment.

All of these emotions run through me when I am trying to take pictures. All of them were on display as I was trying to explain how to use the camera to my pal.

From the little snarl on my lips to the way my spotted tooth shows up, to my old had that for some reason I treasure, this is one of the few photos taken of me that I feel really represents me. If someone asked me to describe my photography I’d show them this photo.

This is me, Bernardo Espanol and this is my photography.

This is how I feel when I shoot photos. This is how I feel when I am learning. This is the stupid look I bet I have every time I take a pic.




Camera: Sony a6500

Lens: Sony E 55-210mm f/4.5-6.3 OSS Lens

Range: 63mm


ISO: 3200 (Auto ISO)

Shutter Speed:1/400


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