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Deep Space Waifu

IS Deep Space Waifu WORTH YOUR TIME?




Steam PC only



Sometimes you just want a silly fun game.

 At its core Deep Space Waifu is about two things:
1. Getting to see naked pictures of anime women.
2. Classic retro arcade spaceship shoot em up fun.
Deep Space Waifu succeeds gloriously at its two tasks…well mostly the latter.
For $1.99 you get a game that doesn’t take itself seriously at all and gives you at least an hour and a half of fun.
I loved it.
Deep Space Waifu was bought on a lark. A lark that blew my mind. Yes, I was expecting a cheesy game that was supposed to be about undressing giant anime women in space. It looked so ridiculous that I had to experience it. Anyone, else a fan of renting really bad movies for shits and giggles?
I went in expecting a game that was going to be super duper easy posing as a game. What I found was a really fun shoot em up that, that, while simple, had a perfectly tuned difficulty progression and made the most of it’s limited enemies. 
Deep Space Waifu

Swipe your way to your dream women and next level.

The goal of each level is to shoot off the giant woman’s clothing by targeting highlighted spots until your are able to destroy the article of clothing. There is also a star scoring system at play here. The trick is balancing targeting the clothing and destroying enough enemies to get your high score. Honestly, the game could have easily swapped the women and her destructible clothing with a giant base or boss character that you would have to slowly whittle down. But lets face it, the game would not have gotten anywhere near as popular if it didn’t stick to it’s pervy premise. You know what, that’s fine. The gameplay is tight enough that I really don’t mind. Every, single, level was fun. Yes, I am talking besides undressing the giant anime women. To be perfectly honest, the giant anime women were the huge let down of the game!
The women’s art was uneven at best. Honestly, it mostly sucks. How can a game that gears itself this way have lame art? But that was totally fine for me. I was all about shooting up aliens and trying to 100% each level. I really didn’t go into this game wanting to check out the naked drawings. I just wanted to see what a game like this would be like. Was it going to be stupid? Just how stupid? Would it be playable? Would it be some stupid achievement farming game? I had my expectations really low.

 Is it worth it?


Heck yes!


At $1.99 this is a steal! The gameplay is fun and the levels go fast. It’s classic old school shoot em up fun. Sure the premise is silly and the giant art that you are undressing looks lame. No worries. The gameplay is the star here and for that alone, I have no problem wholeheartedly recommending this.

Deep Space Waifu gameplay

This is one of those rare games that I enjoyed playing so much that I went back after beating it and five stared every level. It’s just that darned fun. If you are looking for a fun shootem up that you can just relax with while still being challenged look no further than Deep Space Waifu.

Now let us all hope we get an even crazier sequel!





  • $1.99
  • About an hour and a half of core gameplay.
  • Lots of casual replay




Developer Facebook: Neko Climax Studios





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