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In the mood for a creepy first person adventure mystery game?  Check  out the press release below.

Teaser Trailer for DEAD SECRET CIRCLE
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Nightmares are like circles.
They come back around.
DEAD SECRET CIRCLE is the sequel to the critically-acclaimed horror mystery DEAD SECRET. Developed by Robot Invader, DEAD SECRET CIRCLE is coming to VR and traditional platforms later this year.
Check out the teaser trailer below!
Like the original, DEAD SECRET CIRCLE is the result of years of research into the mechanics of horror games. DEAD SECRET CIRCLE seeks to deliver psychological horror and suspense through these core design principles:
  • Slow burn suspense over cheap thrills
  • Gripping mystery in which nothing is for certain
  • Unrelenting audio pressure
  • Nobody can be trusted. Nowhere is safe





I have been wanting to try a game like this for while now. I think I may go and try the first game along with a large bottle of red wine. I like the idea of a slow burn suspense game. I tried a few of the many, many, many jump scare games and found myself bored and annoyed with them. I want atmosphere. I want creepy. I want what Dead Secret Circle is promising…  Let us hope it lives up to the hype. Now if you excuse me I am off to get the first game.

If you are also interested in the first game check out the Steam link below:

 Dead Secret Circle Website
Developer Robot Invader Twitter

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