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As per usual, I jumped into this visual novel after ignoring it in my massive backlog for a while. I know game developers and visual novel creators would rather that a reviewer just get to things, but I feel like visual novels are best appreciated as a fresh experience.



I loved it.

Pyrite Heart managed to give me two fun and romantic stories. The great writing that had me invested for the long haul. I happily played through all the various paths to get every ending. While they weren’t all perfectly written, most of them were good enough to keep me invested. The writing overall helped this trope filled story feel fun and endearing.

Pyrite Heart

I groaned here… There are plenty of eye roll moments in Pyrite Heart, but it works. It’s like a cheesy romance novel made into a short VN.

Pyrite Heart is about a spoiled princess who has to go to High School for a week. Honestly, I wish that the story didn’t give itself that limited time set. It feels a bit rushed, but still good enough to enjoy and recommend. There is still enough story and variety here to easily recommend Pyrite Heart for it asking price of $4.99. I got about two hours of fun out of it.

The plot and story are wonderfully cheesy. I mean classic romance rag stuff. I loved it. The writing from our heroine was so bad it was deliciously good. I was groaning and rolling my eyes with a cheesy grin on my face. I needed some dumb, fun romance in my life and Pyrite Heart was the quick fix.

Pyrite Heart

How can I not love something this boldly cheesy?!?!?!?!

The art was surprisingly fresh here. I loved the style and the way the characters had a range of emotions. I do wish there were a few more panels for some of the scenes that played out. That said what we had was great. The only downside for the art in Pyrite Heart is the unbelievable lack of a gallery. I really wanted to go back and look at the art after completing it.


Overall this is a must have experience for a fast fun time. 





No gallery.







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