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Kounodori Dr. Stork Vol. 1

IS Kounodori: Dr. Stork Vol. 1  WORTH YOUR TIME?





This was a hard and yet amazing read.


For as long as I could remember I wanted kids.

There was something that always felt right about it. Being able to raise kids better than the way I was raised. It seemed like an awesome responsibility that seemed as amazing as it was scary. Then I took biology 101 in college and learned about how hard it was for a baby to even be born. I guess our biology professor wanted to scare us out of unprotected sex and damnit it worked.

Fast forward a few years and I had several friends have kids and attempt to have them. Along the way I read up as much as I could about it all and found myself once again at a loss. No one talks about miscarriages. No one talks about complications and health defects. No one wants to. Yet they happen all the time and it’s always somber because no one knows how to talk about it, no one really wants to. This leads a lot of would be parents to feel isolated and alone. It’s heartbreaking and wrong.

I found myself interested in studying up so that I wouldn’t be at a loss for words in case it happened to a friend or my future wife and I. It’s been a while and I just stopped reading up on it all… That is until this manga.

Kounodori: Dr. Stork Vol. 1 Dives right into the thick of it. The protagonist of the manga is a successful OB-GYN who takes on tough childbirth cases as well as regular ones. I had no real idea what to expect from this manga to be quite honest. I bought it because of it’s interesting art, interesting description and because it was published by Kodansha Comics. I’ve found myself being able to trust the quality of manga they put out. 

I’m glad I did.

Kounodori: Dr. Stork Vol. 1 is a hard read for what it covers, but it’s also fascinating because of it and how it covers it. The doctor is blunt yet well meaning. He has the edge of someone who cares about what he does and yet has the emotional detachment born of years of experience. He is caring but bunt almost to the point of being harsh. His no nonsense way of speaking really felt sincere. The are no words wasted on false hope. The manga doesn’t always give happy endings. It felt real. It was engaging because it highlighted the myriad of emotions of the patients dealing with the tough situations while acknowledging they have no idea what to do.

I found myself stopping mid chapter several times just to take in what I read. I found myself overcome with emotion several times because of this manga. Hope, sadness, tension, relief, laughter. This is an evocative experience that really must be experienced. I am shocked I never heard about Kounodori: Dr. Stork before.

Kounodori Dr. Stork Vol. 1

Kounodori: Dr. Stork Vol. 1 covers several stories and they all play out magnificently. Each goes in a drastically different direction. This isn’t a formulaic manga. The doctor isn’t a miracle worker but instead a level headed doctor with years of experiencing giving him a calmness that helps balance the heavy emotions of the book.

I loved the writing.

The art is interesting. It’s not the clean manga style that I am used to. Not everyone is portrayed as pretty, not everyone is even drawn properly. It’s raw, unrefined and at first off putting, but the more I read and took in, the more I found myself finding it perfect. It fits.

Bonus points to Kounodori: Dr. Stork Vol. 1 for having a great bonus section where the author explains hilariously how he got into making manga and what he goes through to make Kounodori: Dr. Stork.

I can go on and on, but really all there is to say is, I loved this manga. Kounodori: Dr. Stork Vol. 1 is a must read experience.







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